Two Point Seven Five

I’m a little behind on this update, but last week, Annabel reached the 2.75 year milestone. She has changed and grown SO much in the last three months; it’s incredible. When we last… Continue reading

A Generic (& LONG) Update

Man, I’ve really been missing this space! I want to be writing and keeping up with our lives here a little bit better as a way to remember things, but for the life… Continue reading

Happy Half Birthday

Yesterday was Annabel’s half birthday. Two and a half. I can’t believe it. For some reason it really makes me sad that she’s now closer to three than she is to two. The… Continue reading

Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day!

Nathan and I have never been very big Valentine’s Day celebrators. But now that Annabel has come along, I think it’s fun to get her involved. We really try to limit treats around… Continue reading

Texas Winter

Winter in Texas is….strange. Some days it’s winter. Other days it’s spring, and still others feel like summer. This year has been no exception. We’ve had several weeks where we’ve started off the… Continue reading

The Happiness Jar

If you happen to follow the author Elizabeth Gilbert (or Liz as I call her; we’re close) on Facebook, then you know all about “Happiness Jars”. The concept is pretty simple. Each day… Continue reading

Turning Over a New Leaf

Hi friends! As you can plainly see, this blog hasn’t gotten much attention as of late. I’ve had my mind on a lot of other things. Mostly ways to improve my health and… Continue reading

Christmas 2013

This holiday season has been my favorite in a long time, probably since I was a kid. While last year and the year before were fun with Annabel, they didn’t compare to this… Continue reading