3 Years!

Yesterday┬áNathan and I celebrated three years of marriage! It’s really hard to believe it’s already been three years. It rained on our anniversary just as it did on our wedding day. Three years… Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!

Last weekend was another fun but busy weekend. Friday night we went over to my aunt’s house for pizza and cupcakes to celebrate my grandmother’s 88th birthday and my brother-in-law’s 26th. It was… Continue reading

Book club, birthdays, and coffee. Oh My.

Wow. So I’m really rocking this whole blogging thing! Ha. Before I created this here little blog, I used to think to myself, If only I had a blog, I could write all… Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: 2010

So here I am. The last day of February, 2010. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start a blog…actually it was my only resolution. I try to avoid resolutions. They set… Continue reading