Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day!

Nathan and I have never been very big Valentine’s Day celebrators. But now that Annabel has come along, I think it’s fun to get her involved. We really try to limit treats around here, and I don’t want holidays to turn into a pass for all things unhealthy, but every year that Nathan and I have been together, I’ve made chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day.

So the tradition must continue. This year I sought out some real chocolate as an alternative to the chocolate coating “bark” that I’ve always bought. That stuff has all sorts of nasty ingredients including hydrogenated oils, so I couldn’t buy it. But thankfully I found some chocolate chips that just had like 3 very basic ingredients. I wasn’t sure if they would work as well, but it turns out they work great! Maybe even better than the bark. So if you’ve ever wondered the same thing, now you know!

Thursday around sunset, we went outside to snap a few photos for Nathan’s gift from Annabel.


Last week on the phone, Annabel told Nathan, “Daddy, I’m your favorite!” So that’s what we wrote on her sign. It’s totally true:)


{Oh, and Annabel got a haircut!}

Then on Friday we went out and had the photos printed, bought a frame, and came home to get working on a card and our strawberries.

Annabel was mostly interested in licking chocolate off of spoons.


She could eat chocolate all day long if I let her, so after a few chocolate chips, a chocolate covered strawberry and a spoon covered in chocolate, I had to cut her off. She wasn’t too happy about that! But the important thing is that our strawberries turned out beautifully:)


With the leftover chocolate, we made a few heart-shaped candies with chopped almonds. We just poured the melted chocolate and almonds into a heart shaped mold that I happened to have, and they turned out great!

When Nathan came home from work, I had everything set up on the table. The flowers were from him and were given to me that morning, courtesy of Annabel who picked them because they were pink! That girl seriously loves pink.


Friday night we grilled steaks and had a nice quiet night at home. Then Saturday we decided to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go out on a little date night. We went to dinner and then went to see American Hustle while Annabel hung out with her Mimi and PaPa. It was great!

It was a perfect Valentine’s weekend, made even better by the fact that Nathan was off work today for President’s Day.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or chalk it up to a greeting card holiday and skip it?