Two Point Seven Five

I’m a little behind on this update, but last week, Annabel reached the 2.75 year milestone. She has changed and grown SO much in the last three months; it’s incredible.

When we last left off, Annabel was already getting really good at playing on her own, but since then her imagination has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only has she gotten better about playing on her own when I need to get things done, but she also sometimes prefers it. We took her to see Frozen for the first time when our neighborhood played it in the park,


and she’s seen it several times now, so she’s obsessed with all things Anna and Elsa. This means that she takes little segments of the movie and incorporates them into her play. For example, she tells me that Elsa lives alone in a glass house (it’s really an “ice palace”), so now she wants to do that too. She’ll kick me out of the office and tell me, “Mommy, I need to be aloooone in my glass house!” as she slams the door in my face.


Not cool. But then I remembered that there’s a part of the song “Let It Go” where Elsa talks about slamming the door, so I guess that’s where she’s getting that idea too. It might be time to find a new obsession. She belts out that song all day long, and all of her toys/babies are either Anna or Elsa. Her creativity is always surprising to me as well though because she doesn’t even have to be playing with toys. She’ll turn shampoo bottles into people talking to each other, even vegetables become little talking figurines in her mind.


Lately she’s loved taking her bag of hair clips/bows, lining them up according to color and style and making them into “trains”, complete with an engineer and caboose. IMG_6616

I love walking into a room and finding her toys all set up.



Sometimes I feel guilty when I’m busy cooking or cleaning and she has to play by herself. But then I listen to the conversations that she has with herself and her toys, and I know that she’s learning to be much more creative than if I were prompting her. I mean, I never would have turned hair clips into trains or bubble bottles into people or instructed her to do so.

There’s a line from one of the books we read her that says, “When I was little, I spilled a lot. My mom said I was a handful. Now I’m helpful.” Annabel likes to tell me that now she’s helpful. This is becoming more and more true every day. She still loves to make messes just for the fun of it (grrr!), but caring for her is getting much easier in many ways. She can just do so much more for herself these days. She can dress herself and put on her own shoes. She can get herself up in the mornings and will sometimes stay in her room and play for a while before coming into our room. She loves to help me with laundry and will carry my clothes to my room and put them in the drawers as I continue folding.

She wants to do absolutely everything by herself. I’m pretty sure I said the exact same thing last time, but wow! This has increased tenfold. The difference now is that she can actually do a lot of those things now. When I’m cooking, she loves to help sort items, or pour from the measuring cups.


She even helped me make sunscreen and lip balm!


If I make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she has to be the one to pull the jelly from the refrigerator. She wants to buckle her own car seat and stroller straps. When we’re out in the garden, she wants to pick all of the vegetables by herself. She’s becoming an expert green bean picker and gardening assistant!





Pretty much anything that she can do on her own (and some things that she can’t), she wants to do. Well, as long as she wants to do it. Somehow when it comes to things like picking up her messes, she’s not nearly as enthusiastic about doing it by herself. On those occasions she asks if we can do it together.


And now some other random tidbits of Annabel at two and three quarters years old….

Lately she’s has been really into picnics; probably because whenever we go to a play date in the morning, we bring a picnic lunch with us.


We picnic whenever we can these days, even if it’s in our own backyard.



She could eat fruit for every meal, everyday.


In fact, there’s not much else I can get her to eat these days. So I try to squeeze in veggies and protein wherever I can and skip juice and added sugar entirely since she already eats so much fruit. And then I cross my fingers and hope for the best!

She had her first dentist appointment and did GREAT! The dentist warned us that most kids her age scream and they don’t get to do a cleaning, but Annabel never made a peep, which is incredibly unusual for her. It might have had something to do with the TV on the ceiling:)


Her favorite things at any playground are the swings. She would let me push her in one all day. And now she’s big enough for the big kid swings, so we’re pretty well set at most playgrounds!


She’s still completely enamored with her friends. There are three little girls (including Annabel) who all live in a row, and they’ve become the best of friends. She and Landry peek through the fence at each other and have private little conversations. It’s the cutest.



She still loves the water so, so much and could spend all day, everyday at the pool.


Lucky for her it’s summer in Texas, so there are ample opportunities for pool time, and even picnic play dates at the pool….three of her favorite things all rolled into one!


She’s a really high-energy, fun kid who loves bouncing around


and getting messy with arts and crafts.

But she’s also one of the girliest girls I know, always wanting to wear dresses and tutu’s (always pink!),


and loves playing with babies, both of the real and doll variety.


She requires a depressingly small amount of sleep to fuel her little body. She hasn’t napped consistently in months and yet still only sleeps 10-11 hours at night, sometimes even less. But then there are days when I wear her out good and she crashes.


And while I revel in the silence and stillness of a house all to my self during those rare naps, I pay for it tenfold in the form of a 10pm bedtime followed by a normal wake-up time the next day (around 6:30am) and general grumpiness from too little sleep.

It’s completely exhausting looking after this little monkey, but when I think about having to work and missing out on all of this, it makes me sad. So even when we have rough days, with too little sleep and too many tantrums (probably from the lack of sleep and too much sugar in all the fruit she eats), I feel immense gratitude to be doing what I’m doing….raising this little lady who couldn’t be more loved by her daddy and me if she tried!