Texas Winter

Winter in Texas is….strange. Some days it’s winter. Other days it’s spring, and still others feel like summer. This year has been no exception. We’ve had several weeks where we’ve started off the week with 70 degree temps, only to have the city shutdown the next day for ice.

Two weeks ago was one such week. We enjoyed some play time at the park on Sunday in shorts and short sleeves, and then by Tuesday, we had this:



You see in Texas, or at least Central Texas, it takes next to nothing (or in some cases, nothing at all) to shut down the entire city. In the last 3 weeks, schools have been closed like 5 times. And those pictures you see above? That’s the most we’ve had.

Same thing last week. School was closed on Friday, but then by Sunday we were out in shorts flying a kite.


Then on Tuesday morning, schools were delayed by two hours because once again, the temperatures dropped way down again and there were negligible amounts of precipitation.

Yes, Texas in the winter is like riding a climate controlled rollercoaster. One day you’re in shorts and the next you’re in your heaviest coat and still feeling cold. Well, if you’re me at least. I used to bemoan the fact that Texas could never make up its mind during the winter. Does it want to be cold? Or super nice and warm? I always used to get so annoyed that it would be January and I’d be (on some days) hot in jeans and a sweater. Mostly because I never used to wear shorts in the winter out of principle…and the fact that my legs are always a very nasty shade of pale during the winter months. But now? I’ve given up on caring what my legs look like and reminded myself that I live in Texas, so my principle about not wearing shorts at ANY time of the year is really pretty ridiculous. And since then? I’ve been loving these little pockets of sunny, warm, and absolutely beautiful “winter” days!

I guess it really is all about perspective!