Rain Dance

The other night I told Annabel that we were going to go get the mail. I put on her pink sparkly shoes and threw on some flip-flops for myself. When I opened the… Continue reading

Life Lessons: Cooking

One of my biggest hopes as a mother is to teach my children good eating habits and cooking skills. I don’t remember a lot of cooking lessons in my house growing up, and… Continue reading

A Happy Mother Indeed

I really wanted to sleep in this morning. It was the one thing that I really wanted for Mother’s Day. But by the time Nathan got up with Annabel, I was already pretty… Continue reading

Story Time

My favorite photos are always the ones when I can go totally unnoticed by my subject(s) and capture some real moments. That’s really difficult to do with Annabel though. The minute she sees… Continue reading

20 Months

Annabel is 20 months old today. Before I had her, I loathed it when people told me how old their toddlers were in months. I still kind of do, but now I at… Continue reading

Semi-Healthy Homemade Popsicles

It’s that time of year again! Well, sort of. Today we’re back in long sleeves, which I can’t ever remember happening in May in Texas. But on Wednesday, it was almost 90 degrees,… Continue reading

Finding the Magic

As I watched Annabel standing there in her pink sparkly shoes (which she had requested to wear), I realized for the hundredth time how amazing it is to live with this little girl… Continue reading

On When to Have a Second

On Monday my dad was still in town, so he, my sister, and my nieces and nephews came up to our house for a visit. Annabel is used to going to daycare and… Continue reading