James + Sarah: Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we headed to Fort Worth to watch our good friend James marry his love, Sarah. Nathan went to high school with James and was in the wedding, which meant we had to be up there for the rehearsal on Friday. Initially I thought we’d just take Annabel with us, but as the date approached, we decided it might be nicer to have a weekend away, just the two of us.

It was the first time we’ve left her overnight without either of us. In the past, one of us has always been home while the other was traveling, so she had never stayed with Mimi and Pa-Pa by herself. Big step. I was pretty nervous, but overall I think she did ok. She apparently cried for us on Friday night, wanting to go home, but Saturday night was much better, and now I know she can do it and be fine. So hopefully there will be more weekends away in the not too distant future:)

Anyway. We left early Friday morning in order to make it in time for the 11:00am rehearsal. All went well and then we headed to the lunch that followed.


After lunch, Nathan and I went to check into our hotel.


The other guys met us there, and then they all headed off for a night of fun…and drinking!


That left me in the hotel for the whole night all by myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve had hours of uninterrupted me time with no messy house beckoning me in the background. I had brought a book to read and my swimsuit to relax in the hot tub. But what did I do? Watched hours of silly reality TV in the room, ate PF Changs for dinner, and then took a long hot bath with wine and music.


It was actually a perfect night!

The next morning I slept in super late and then went downstairs for a huge complimentary breakfast and some reading time. By the time I got back upstairs, it was time to shower and get ready for the 2pm wedding. Since Nathan had stayed at his buddy’s house the night before, I just met him there. When I walked up to the church, I saw that he was manning the front door.


I found an aisle seat right at the front so that I would have prime photographing opportunities. Moments like those are when I know I really want to be a photographer. I was so excited to have the opportunity to take some gorgeous photos, but bummed that I couldn’t be up moving around to get some better angles! I tried to just be a guest and enjoy it, but the photographer in me was itching for that perfect shot!

Here comes the bride….


She looked absolutely stunning, and the ceremony was very playful and fun.


But you could still totally see the love these two have for each other.




And then, just like that, they were married!



Nathan was an excellent groomsman! 🙂


The photographer was awesome and said she didn’t mind if other people took photos as well. It was a good experience to see her at work and get some posing ideas for any future weddings I might photograph. But it was also hard to just sit there.


After they took photos inside, they went outside to take a few more. Since it was freezing out there, I mostly stayed inside, only popping out for a few minutes to snap a couple of shots.




So happy for these two!

After photos, we headed off to the reception venue. I mostly just enjoyed my time there and didn’t attempt too many photos, mostly because I was too lazy to mess with putting my flash on and it was a little too dark in there to not use one. So what do you do when you don’t have great lighting?

Convert to black & white of course!

Here are a few from the reception.




And some from the trusty ol’ iPhone,


Me with all the fellas!


And my handsome date:)


The reception itself was pretty short, so we pretty much had an entire night ahead of us. So along with the rest of the groomsmen and a few of the bridesmaids, we headed back to our hotel for a little after party at the hot tub. It was a fun night that went by way too quickly.

The next morning, after sleeping in a bit again, we went down for breakfast before packing up and hitting the road. It was so nice to have a little bit of time away to just enjoy each other’s company. But the closer we got to Austin, the more I started to miss Annabel. By the time we finally got there, I was so excited to hug my best girl.