Annabel’s Playhouse

When I was growing up, we had a big backyard. There was a pool, a deck, tons of garden beds, a storage shed, and a tree house. Below the tree house, there was another small storage shed that I think my dad made pretty easily out of plywood.

Anytime he opened it up, I imagined it as a playhouse, equipped with plenty of baby dolls, kitchen gear, and all of the other essentials for playing “house.” House was my favorite game to play as a kid. My sister, cousins, and I would spend hours dreaming up different scenarios, all the while pretending to be grown-ups.

At one point, my dad told me he would convert the storage shed to a play house for me. I was ecstatic picturing all of the possibilities! But alas, that never happened. I mentioned that to my in-laws last spring, and told them how much I would love to have a playhouse for Annabel someday. But our backyard really isn’t big enough for such a thing, so I knew it was just a pipe dream.

Until the next time we were over and they said they wanted to build a playhouse for Annabel in their backyard. It would serve double duty as a play house for Annabel on one side and a place to store lawn and garden equipment on the other. Once she (and any future siblings/cousins) outgrows it, it will be completely devoted to storage.  And so the planning stages began. Nathan’s dad researched plans online and found one that he liked. Since he was planning to retire in July, he needed a new project to keep him busy, and this fit the bill perfectly.

In September, we went up to watch as the foundation was laid.



We wanted Annabel to be there, and we also wanted to put her hand print in the cement to mark the occasion. The cement had already gotten a little too dry and hard, so she was not a fan (she also hates having her hands dirty), but I’m so happy that it will always be there.




Nathan has gone up regularly to see the progress and help out where he can.




At this point, all of the walls are up, windows are installed, and the roof has been shingled. The front door has arrived and will be put up soon. There’s still a lot to be done, but it’s getting closer and closer!




This project means so much to me, and I’m so grateful that my daughter has the kind of grandparents who would do this for her.