A Belated Halloween

Ahem. I’ve kind of neglected the old blog for the past month, so in an effort to catch up, I’m going to start with Halloween, as it seems most time sensitive. I know. I’m late for that as well, but I’ve got to start somewhere! I’ve really been missing this space, so I’m going to try to get back on the wagon. It didn’t help that somewhere in that month, my space upgrade expired and I was too cheap to renew it. So I couldn’t upload any new photos, and a post here is just not a post without some pictures to go with it!

Anyway, moving along to Halloween!

This was Annabel’s third, but of course the first one that she really got it. And did she ever get it. And now she wants it to be Halloween everyday. We prepped her during the weeks leading up to it by reading her Clifford Halloween book (over and over and over again) and taking part in a few festive activities.

The weekend before Halloween, we took her to our neighborhood hayride. We dressed her up in her little cat costume, which she absolutely loved.


Most of the activities were a little too old for her, but she absolutely loved riding in the horse-drawn carriages.



So much so in fact, that it was difficult to get her off.


Haha, check out Nathan’s face!

We were finally able to lure her off with promises of going to see the horses.


The night before Halloween, she helped daddy carve her pumpkins. A cat (obvy) and Curious George. Both were huge hits with our little kitty.



On Halloween, Annabel decided to skip her nap, so I was really worried about how the night would go, knowing she would be up past her normal bedtime. But as soon as people started gathering outside, we put her in her costume, took a few pictures, and then went to say hello to her neighbor friends.


We hit a few houses together, and then I stayed back to hand out the candy at our house.


Nathan tells me she was a little pro, walking the whole way by herself, saying “trick or treat”, and never getting scared! While things were slow at our house, I ran to meet up with them, and we looped back home.


Annabel never asked to eat a single piece of candy until we got home and she saw her neighbor friend eating a lollipop. We gave her two pieces of chocolate and then hid the rest of the candy after she went to bed because I’m evil and don’t want her to eat it.

It was a great Halloween, and I was so impressed with how well she did, especially given the no nap situation. She got tons of compliments on her (very simple) costume, and all the big kids thought she was the cutest thing. A fun night had by all!