“Two Old”

Yesterday I stood in the kitchen chopping vegetables for dinner. Annabel had placed one of her babies on top of her little car and was pushing it around the kitchen. Inevitably, the baby fell off, and I heard Annabel ask her trademark question, “What happened?” Followed quickly by a response to her own question, “baby fall down and hurt herself!”

I told her baby was fine and probably just needed a hug and a kiss. I also told her that baby needs a seat belt to ride in that car. A minute later, she disappeared from the room, returning with one of my belts in one hand and her baby in the other.

“What are you doing, Annabel?” The words had just left my mouth when I realized the answer. “Baby need a seat belt!” She told me. So I used my belt to harness the baby in, all the while marveling at her quick wit.


If you ask Annabel how old she is, she’ll reply with “I’m two old!” She always skips the “years” part, which of course makes it sound like “I’m too old.” And every time, I find myself silently shaking my head in agreement. Yes, Annabel, you are indeed too old. How did this happen so quickly?!

Yet here we are. With our two year old.

The last several weeks, she has felt like every bit of her two years, complete with plenty of whining and tantrums. The week of her birthday literally felt like one meltdown after another, and I worried that I’d lose my sanity at any moment.

But this week, she’s back to her mostly tantrum-free and significantly less whiny self. And then I realized what it must have been. Her teeth. She was drooling like crazy, and I could see that the last of her two year molars was about halfway in, so I can only conclude that that was what was making her so irritable. And now that it’s finally in, she’s happier, she’s more well behaved, and she’s sleeping better. I genuinely believe that he term “terrible two’s” has a direct correlation with said molars.

But now that they’re all in, I feel like I can see the real Annabel again. She obviously still throws her fair share of toddler fits, but in general, I think (and I’m clearly not biased at all) she’s a pretty awesome kid.

A few things about Annabel at two years old:

  • She blows kisses to school buses
  • While she has occasionally tried to hit me in the past, I’ve never seen her hit or push another child. At a play date the other day, a little boy came up and pushed her. She turned to me with such a confused look on her face and said, “What happened?”
  • She is abundantly sweet and caring. She still takes such good care of her babies, and when she gets to the page of her Clifford book where he is crying, she strokes the page and kisses it.


  • She calls coffee, “foffee” and cinnamon, “cinnabom.” She says “I son’t like it” instead of “I don’t like it” and “all clean” when she really means “all better!”  When she really wants something (that she knows she can’t have), she puts on her most stern, low voice and says “I need that RIGHT now, Mommy!”
  • She says “ahhh” every time she gives you a hug and still calls kisses “mooches”….as in, smooches.


  • She usually wants to wear panties over her diaper these days, but still doesn’t want to use the big girl potty because, as she tells me most days, “I’m not a big girl, I’m a BABY!”
  • She’s beginning to correct some of her grammar mistakes, which both fills me with pride and breaks my heart. More often she will now say “I, Me, or My” instead of “Annabel _____”


  • She has become so independent and wants to do everything on her own. This is usually a great thing, but can also result in meltdowns when she just literally *can’t* do whatever it is she wants to do. But that never stops her from yelling out, “MY do it!” I use this to my advantage though, and when I need her to do something (like get in her car seat), I threaten that if she doesn’t do it before I count to three, I’ll do it for her. That almost always does the trick.


  • Her favorite (and pretty much only) things to eat are: cheese, fruit, yogurt, zucchini muffins, granola, peanut/almond butter sandwiches, plain pasta with parmesan, the occasional quinoa casserole, frozen vegetables, and milk. Tons and tons of milk. And on the rare occasion that I give her “treats”, she’s a cookie monster just like her mommy!


  • She’s still a major book worm, and can be found flipping through pages of her storybooks at all hours of the day. She also loves to read in the car, and is pretty much exclusively down to actual storybooks with Clifford, Little Critters, and Berenstein Bears being her favorites. She’ll regularly sit for the whole book, and read 3 or 4 in a row.
  • She’s the life of the party. While it usually takes her a little warming up to new people, once she has, she turns into quite the little ham!


  • She loves to sing and dance, and has a definite opinion on which music is acceptable and which isn’t. She’ll tell me, “I son’t like this song!” which means I better change it quick.
  • She loves watching football with Daddy. Sometimes she’ll randomly blurt out, “I want to watch football!” or “Yay football!” And when it is on, she’ll actually watch, giving her commentary throughout. “He fall down and hurt yourself!” I think in these moments, Nathan is more proud of her than ever.


  • She is ridiculously smart. And I don’t just say that because I’m her mom, though I’m sure that plays in a role in just *how* smart I think she is. Everyday I’m blown away by the things she says, the stuff that she remembers, and her increasing ability to put things into context.


And now that I feel like I’ve written a novel, I’ll wrap this up. It’s impossible to capture the entire essence of Annabel in a single blog post, but since I know I won’t be doing these updates very frequently anymore, I wanted a long list of “Annabel-isms” to remember her by at this fun, crazy, exhausting, and spectacularly wonderful age of two.


Happy (late) Birthday to my favorite two year old on the planet, Annabel Kate. You are, quite simply, the light in my life, the song in my step, and the sugar in my foffee. I love you to the moon and back!


And lastly, here are some photos that I took for her two year photo shoot. We got a few great shots, but I decided that next time she might do better if Mommy wasn’t the photographer…..