A Stranger’s Wedding

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to be taking wedding photos for a vendor here in town who offers all-inclusive packages. Their contracted photographer will be going on maternity leave in the spring, so I’ll be taking over all of the all-inclusive weddings. For right now, that’s three, but that number will probably go up. More couples might choose the all-inclusive options, or they might choose me as their photographer outside of the package since I’ll now be listed as a “preferred vendor” on the venue site.


I needed to go out last week to meet the owner, and she suggested I come when they had a wedding going on so that I could take more photos to build my portfolio, which is depressingly sparse when it comes to weddings.

So, that’s how I spent my Saturday night last week. It went really well despite quite a bit of rain, and I actually think I got a few nice photos that I thought I’d share here. I didn’t get a lot of the “traditional” wedding photos because I didn’t want to be in the way of the real photographer, but I tried to sneak in where I could.




The bride’s daughter was one of her flower girls. So sweet!


At this point, the rain was starting to roll in, so the bridesmaids were doing their best to reassure the bride that every little thing was going to be alright….







After a significant rain delay, the bride made the call to get this show on the road!


So, technically, this wasn’t entirely a stranger’s wedding because I realized once I got there that I actually went to high school with one of the groomsmen (and the bride’s brother, I think). But we didn’t know each other then (or now).







You can feel the love, can’t you?

It was this moment, seeing the way these two were looking at each other that I thought to myself, you know, I might actually really love wedding photography. I have no idea if this marriage will last, as so many don’t these days. But on that day, in that moment, there was only love. And I got to be part of it. That’s a beautiful thing.

Oh, and their vows were actually really funny!


And this is where I tell you that I’m actually REALLY happy that I wasn’t the official photographer for this wedding, because in my effort to stay out of the way, I didn’t manage to get any decent photos of the kiss. Wow. Epic fail.



And here come my favorite photos of the whole night.


The main photographer stayed back to get pictures of everyone exiting the ceremony, but I spotted a little lovin’ happening between the bride and groom when they thought they were all alone.

This shot below is my very favorite. They had no idea that I had followed them. I definitely felt a little bit awkward and like I was crashing a very intimate party of two. BUT.

I love it.

I love catching these candid moments when no one is playing it up for the camera.


Just a sweet moment between newlyweds.

I can get lost in the technical problems with this photo (it’s not perfectly sharp and crisp), but I have to stop looking at it with a photographer’s judgmental eye and appreciate it for what it truly is.


And then she spotted me….


I didn’t take any of the group photos because it was just weird to have the group look at one camera and then the other. So I snapped a few from the sidelines and then moved along.



But again, I kind of like that they weren’t looking at me. Feels more genuine.


Oh, and here’s their cake.


All in all, this was a good experience. I was in dire need of some more shots for my portfolio and I desperately need the practice if I’m going to try to make this more of a “career.” I’m still not sure that I can hack it in the wedding biz. I need better equipment and more knowledge about the gear I already have.

But this is a start.