Almost 2! A 23 Month Update.

Sometimes I really can’t believe that Annabel will be two in less than a month, and then other times I feel like I’ve had a two year old for a while now. There are days when we feel way in to the “terrible two’s” already, and when I consider the full-on conversations that I have with her, it’s hard to believe that Annabel is technically one. Even if I usually refer to her as her number of months or almost two. Technically speaking, she’s still one for another month, and that actually blows my mind a little bit.

The past month has been busy and fun and wild and (sometimes) stressful, but overall awesome.

The baby obsession is back in full force. It seems that every month there is one thing that dominates everything else, and this month it is once again babies. Holy cow, with the babies! They go everywhere and accompany Annabel in everything that she does. They eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her.


They go for walks with her, whether she’s pushing them in their stroller or merely holding them on her lap in her own.


They read stories with her.


They go for every single car ride with us, into the grocery store, into the library, and recently, to the zoo.


When she’s not tending to her babies (and there are about 5 of them), she wants to be doing very grown up things.  We bought her a stool for the bathroom, but then she discovered that she could haul it all over the house, and that’s precisely what she’s done. She moves it from the bathroom where she loves to brush her teeth (she is ALL ABOUT the teeth brushing these days, which I suspect has everything to do with the water and toothpaste!),



to the kitchen where she insists on “washing the dishes.”


The other day I found her in her room, perched up to the changing table to “change baby diaper.”


She wants to do everything on her own, which seems pretty typical for her age, but still requires a bit of patience on my end and lots of mess cleaning.


Water is still a huge draw for our girl, and I’ve discovered in having a few play dates with friends that this is not a universal thing among toddlers. We’ve had friends over to play in the kiddie pool, and while Annabel could sit out there for hours, her friends are not as enthusiastic. I was surprised by this, but I’m not sure why; kids are all different…just like adults.


There’s been plenty of water action going on around here. We even made it to the splash pad for the first time this summer, which Annabel thoroughly enjoyed!


We also went to a birthday party at a spring fed pool, which Annabel loved. I was worried that the water would be too cold, but not for my little fish! It was hard to drag her out when it was time to go.



We’re still having so much fun listening to her language skills develop! She’s been speaking in phrases for a couple of months now, but with each day, the sentences just get longer and more complex. Her imagination is beginning to grow as well. This morning on our walk, she told me “I want George a push a baby a stroller.” Who is George you ask? Well, that would be the one and only Curious George! I told her we could work on that when we got home.

You also many have noticed lots of “A’s” in that sentence above. She doesn’t quite have prepositions down (or the word “the”) so she replaces words like “in”, “on”, and “the” with “a.” She makes some other common mistakes like saying “I want Mommy hold you” and “Her make a mess!” She told me recently “I want sit a bye-bye chair.” It took me a hot minute to realize she meant her car seat, but once I figured out what she was talking about, I had to admit that it made perfect sense.  I always tell her that we’re going bye-bye and she needs to sit in her chair.

She’s also entered the stage of negotiations. When I tell her that she can’t have something, she holds up her pointer finger and says “just one!” Or if I tell her she can’t do something, it’s “one more time!” It’s incredibly difficult to say no to these requests!


We’ve had a few more play dates this month than in previous months, which has been good for both of us. It’s so fun to see Annabel interact with other kids, and it’s always nice to have other adults to talk to.


We’re still working on sharing our toys when friends are over, but now that Annabel’s communication is getting so much better, it’s a little bit easier to explain the concept of sharing.

Another cool thing about spending more time with other kids is being able to see just how unique Annabel’s personality is. It’s easy to assume that all kids do certain things and don’t do other things, but as I mentioned above, that just isn’t the case. In hanging around other kids, I’ve been able to see just how energetic and fun-loving Annabel is. At the library when other kids are sitting quietly through the song and dance portion, Annabel is on her feet, rocking out. When she’s excited, she runs around squealing with delight.

It’s fun to see these differences. Admittedly, sometimes I wish her behavior were a little bit more calm like some of the other kids we come across, but ultimately this is her. And I love her for it. She’s quirky,


she’s silly, she’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s gentle, she’s full of life….


and she’s mine! Well, ours.

Happy 23 Months, Annabel Kate!