First Official Haircut!

Annabel is almost two and has never had a “real” haircut. There was that time I cut a fraction of an inch off the top of her head when it was starting to look like she had a comb-over, but other than that, no cuts. While we both liked the length of Annabel’s hair and want it to continue to grow out, I thought it might be nice to get things evened out in the back. And what better time to do it than summer, when a little less hair might make her cooler as well!

We took her to a cute little shop that specializes in kids’ cuts and let her pick out her seat. I was worried that she would freak out and not sit in the chair, but she went straight for the little airplane and climbed aboard. I was even more shocked when she let the lady put a smock around her neck and start cutting her hair. She never freaked out once and sat there very still and patient.

I’m sure it helped that they had a TV turned on and there were plenty of other fun things to look at and play with.

Here is the “before” picture:


Some “during” pictures:







And “after”:


I didn’t get a great one of her face at the end because she was really concerned about the snake on the TV in the Jungle Book:)


So proud of her for being such a big girl!