On Friday Annabel turned 22 months. It’s crazy that I only have a couple more months of these updates before she’s two! At that point, I’ll probably just post an official update every six months or so.

Our girl is growing up so fast, and this past month has been lots of fun.

The thing that I continue to be most amazed by is her language development. I could write an entire post about all of the funny (to me) things she says, but instead I’ll just include a couple of my favorites here. She picks up new words and phrases so quickly these days, and she’s definitely a little parrot. Which means I’ve had to watch my mouth a lot more closely and try not to laugh when I slip up and she repeats me.


She’s speaking in full blown sentences these days, and really has no problem letting us know what she wants. When she sees something she wants but doesn’t know the word for it, she simply says, “I want some.” And then “I want more some.” This morning I listened to her tell Nathan, “No daddy do it. Annabel do it.” That’s a pretty popular one around here these days as she’s all about her independence now. When she wants to be picked up, it’s “Mommy, hold you” and when I finish reading a book that she likes, she’ll raise her index finger and say, “one more time!” It’s impossible to say no to that.

IMG_1523 (2)

Books are still one of her biggest sources of entertainment and enjoyment. This girl LOVES to be read to and will bring me books repeatedly throughout the day and say, “read mommy.” Her favorites right now are “Go, Dog. Go!”, “Are You My Mother?” {she rubs the page and says “It’s ok, baby” when the baby bird cries for its mother}, “Where the Wild Things Are” and a Curious George book she has. In almost every book, there is a page or picture that she doesn’t like, so she covers up the bad part and gets visibly concerned.

We’re still working on our letters, and now Annabel can identify the letters A through I pretty consistently. We’ve recently started playing with puzzles, and she’s great at putting all of the pieces back and picking out the ones I tell her to get (like different animals, cars/trucks, etc). Watching her learn new things never gets old.

We probably don’t do enough arts and crafts around here (mostly because I’m lazy), but when we do, she has lots of fun making big messes.


I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but she’s still totally into all things water-related. A couple of weeks back she discovered running through the sprinklers and had so much fun. Nathan was just readjusting the timers on them when she took off running into the grass.


We take her to the pool as often as we can and recently bought a good sized kiddie pool for the backyard for days when we don’t want to lug all of our stuff to the big pool. As expected, she loves it, and we’ve already passed several hot afternoons out there.


The longer I’m home with her, the more we settle into a nice routine. We usually spend a couple of mornings a week at the library (there are 3 different ones within 10 minutes of our house!) for story time and dancing. Oddly enough, the stories aren’t her favorite part, it’s the singing and dancing. She goes crazy for it, clapping her hands and jumping around. I try to wear her out in the mornings if I can, so that she’ll nap well, and so far it’s working. She’s finally settled into a nice routine of sleeping from about 12:30-3:00, sometimes later. For someone who used to nap for 45-90 minutes, this is quite the improvement, and I can only hope with all my might that it lasts for a little while longer.

Last week we had our second play date with one of Annabel’s old day care friends, Emma. This time it was at our house, so Annabel got to practice sharing her toys. Let’s just say we still need some work in this area. There was a lot of “MINE!” being yelled, but overall it went well, and they sure were cute eating their snack together!


She is still all about the accessories, and I continue to wonder where in the world this fascination came from. I think it really is just a copying thing at this point because while I might not be really into purses and shoes, I do in fact use them every day. The same goes for my glasses and cell phone. So I suppose it’s not too hard to fathom that she’d want all of those things too.




But taking my Coach wristlet (“purple purse”) to the park? A little bit overkill.


And she loves to chatter into my phone. Every time I ask her who she’s talking to, she responds with “Mimi”, i.e. Nathan’s mom. So sweet.


She likes to pick out her own clothes, which sometimes works out better than other times. This was her outfit for the library recently. I had to insist on the pink tank top under the mini cardigan. And then she insisted on rain boots. Why do I feel like this is only the beginning of our battles with clothes?

IMG_1533 (2)

Another big development in the last month has been her increasing affection for daddy. She’s still a total mommy’s girl in a lot of ways, but she’s slowly requesting Nathan for more and more. It’s a beautiful thing. Not only do I get more of a break, but you know, it’s also nice to see her like her daddy! Her latest thing is wanting to hold his hand in the car…even when he’s driving. If I offer my hand instead, she tells me “no mommy hand; daddy hand!”


It’s so hard to feel like I capture all of Annabel in these updates, but I know I’ll appreciate having some stories to accompany my pictures in years to come when memories become fuzzy. This is such a fun age, and I just don’t want to forget it!


Happy 22 Months, Annabel Kate!