Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends! Happy day-before-Friday to everyone else!

Annabel is napping at the moment, but when she wakes up, we’ll be headed up to my in-laws for an afternoon by the pool, some sparklers, and some grilling. No big fireworks tonight because we did that last night!

Our neighborhood had all of its festivities yesterday afternoon/night so that people who have to work on Friday wouldn’t have to stay out too late tonight. Since Nathan got off work early yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the pool.


Then we came home, changed, and went to pick up some food for dinner for a picnic in the park.


As I expected, Annabel had zero interest in eating (more for us, haha!). She just wanted to take off running.


But who could blame her? Last year, Annabel wasn’t even walking yet when we took her to our neighborhood July 4th events, so she was a lot easier to keep up with!

She just sat there.


But I have to say, even though we had to chase her around this year, it was so fun to have her at an age where she could participate more! She was still too little for the bounce house. Or rather, the other kids were too big and would have trampled her. She desperately wanted in there.


But we made do with the playground, and I think she had a pretty great time!




We got lucky with some milder temperatures, which made for a beautiful evening in the park.


Eventually the sun started to set, and I could tell that Annabel was getting a little bit sleepy.



But the view was pretty spectacular,


and before we knew it, this was happening:




Annabel stayed awake for the whole show and wasn’t at all bothered by the loud pops. She loved seeing all of the “stars” and describing the colors. She crashed in the car on the way home after lots of excitement. A good night had by all!

This morning, neighbors met for a parade around the block. We didn’t participate in it last year and had no plans to do so this year either. But then we saw all of the kids riding by on their bikes and decided to go for it.


I think Annabel must have been pretty confused since she probably thought we were just heading out for a regular walk, only to discover that half the neighborhood was joining us!


It was pretty cute, and I’m glad we participated this year!


Hope you’re having a great day of relaxing and celebrating with family and friends!

Happy Birthday, America!