Father’s Day & A Quick Update


The last couple of weeks staying home with Annabel have kicked.my.butt! This stay at home mom business is no joke! I’ve always had mad respect for the women who do it, but let’s just say I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.

I think Annabel and I are both going through some growing pains as we adjust to our new life, and it has us both very frustrated at times. This child is definitely beginning to assert her independence, which is a great thing for her to be doing at this age, but it makes for some long days and lots of meltdowns. It seems I can’t do anything these days without her running up and crying saying “No Mommy turn, Annabel turn.” It makes simple jobs like sweeping up the kitchen, vacuuming, and cooking take much, much longer. I haven’t been nearly as patient about it as I’d like to be, and then the guilt eats me up for losing my temper. So as I said, growing pains for both of us!

Sunday afternoon though, we headed up to Nathan’s parents house for some pool time. It was Father’s Day and that’s all that Nathan wanted. He was also very kind and knew that I really needed some relaxation, even on his special day.

We couldn’t believe how brave Annabel was swimming this time! She’s been getting braver and braver every time, but now she has floaties that allow her to float around unassisted (not that we let her out of arms reach!), so she was all over the place. She thought she was pretty hot stuff.




As a side note, can you tell her favorite color?


It’s the weirdest thing. We have never tried to push any particular colors on her, and if I had, it wouldn’t have been pink. But somehow she has decided that pink is the best color in the world and she wants to wear it all the time. Or purple. That’s the other favorite. She is definitely ALL girl!

I’m going to do my best to get back to blogging a bit more, but I’m being serious when I say that I’ve never felt busier than I do now that I’m staying home. ( I was NOT expecting that!) And I’m….more than a little bit stressed out. Going to have to take it easy until we figure out how to keep things running successfully around here!