Twenty One

Annabel turned 21 months old yesterday. Now when people ask how old she is, I usually say that she’ll be two in September. It’s so weird that she’s closer to two now instead of one. I know she has been for a couple of months now, but I’m still getting used to the idea that my little baby is already going to be two in a couple of months. Strange.

The last month has been so much fun with our little chatterbox. Summer is in full swing around here, and now that I’ve officially left my job, Annabel and I are adjusting to our new routine. We started things off right with a little bed-jumping sesh followed by snuggles and pictures.


Most of the time, I feel like this was the perfect age for me to start staying home with her full-time. She’s getting much more independent, and there are so many more activities that we can now partake in.

Her favorite thing by far is the pool. I can already tell that it’s going to be a fun summer with lots of pool action. We’ve taken her to Nathan’s parent’s house several weekends in a row, and now she’s been to the neighborhood pool a couple of times too. My plan is to take her to the pool once a week and the splash pad once a week and then have family pool time on the weekends when we can.



She is getting way too brave when it comes to the water, and while I’m proud that she’s so eager, it also terrifies the hell out of me. We’re definitely going to have to look into some swim lessons this summer. Yesterday at the pool, she ran to the edge several times and almost jumped in before I was in the water. I had to keep reminding her that she had to wait for me.


All of her reading has paid off, and she can now identify the letters “A”, “B”, and “C”!


We’ll start working on “D”, “E”, and “F” soon. She’s still really into colors and now identifies objects by their color. “I want yellow baby.” {The one in the yellow onesie}

Oh. And that’s the other thing. She learned how to say “I want” this month. So now she wants everything. “I want snacks, daddy” was her first four word sentence, and now I hear that sentence (without the daddy part) all day! When I tell her I need to leave the room for a minute, it’s “I wanna go!” She also learned to say “go away!” which has been both funny and inappropriate at times. When we’re on a walk and the sun gets in her eyes, she shouts “go away, sun!” or if bugs fly too near her face, it’s “go away, bugs!”


We were standing in a store the other day, and a little girl, about 8 or 9 years old, walked up to look at something near us. She looked right up at her, shook her little finger and said “Go away!” Oops.

There is still a lot of pointing and “uh, uh, uh’s” around here, but when she does that, I tell her that I can’t understand her and to use her words. Most of the time she at least tries. It must be really frustrating to not be able to say everything you’re thinking, and I try to keep that in mind when I find myself getting frustrated myself. All in all, she does a great job of communicating her wants and needs.

By far my favorite thing that she’s learned to say this past month is her name! She had been saying all of her daycare friends’ names for a really long time, but would never say her own. Too many syllables I guess. But now she says it all the time, and I can’t get enough. It sounds more like “Ah-bel” than Annabel, but we’ll get there!

I’ve been starting to think about potty training, but have been way too lazy to really put any effort into it so far. She has zero interest in the toilet and won’t let me set her on it. So we bought a little potty which I swore I’d never own. Gross. The first day she was obsessed with it. “I want potty, I want potty!” She sat on that thing until she finally peed. Then she did it again the next morning. But ever since then? Not much interest. So we’ll see how it goes, but I’m in no hurry to rush her.

And finally some fun little tidbits:

She’s still really into her necklaces and “bracelets” and sometimes has an opinion about which shoes she wants to wear. And sometimes she puts them on by herself. She doesn’t care whether or not she has two that match.



She loves writing and coloring, but can never avoid the temptation to color on her hands, arms, and face.


No doubt yelling something at me!

Her teacher told me that she’s the only kid in her class who actually holds the marker correctly. Way to go, Annabel!

She loves eating apples off the core.


She’s a total copycat.

For months she has wanted to do everything that I do. She walks in my heels better than I do. She has to lotion her legs when I do, pretend to put on deodorant, and “help” with everything from pushing the vacuum to cooking. Today though I needed to do a little touch-up on my toenails. She was desperate to get some of that pink on her toes, so I finally conceded. It’s not a habit I’m ready to start yet, but I have to admit it’s pretty cute, and she was thrilled!


Get her tired enough and she will in fact sleep in the car. It’s rare.


She likes to play peek-a-boo and say “Where Annabel go?”


She thinks her jack-in-the-box monkey is hilarious.




Seeing her excitement is infectious.