Catching Up: Weekend Edition

Lately I haven’t felt like I’ve been doing a very good job of chronicling our day to day happenings here on the blog. And that is, after all, why I started it. So in the interest of doing just that, I thought I’d catch up with some of our busy weekend happenings!

Last weekend was crazy busy  with a family reunion, Annabel’s first birthday party, and a graduation party.

Saturday we drove out to a little town close to where my grandmother grew up. She is one of seven children, and every spring, my mom and her cousins get everyone together. There are always a lot of people, including several that I didn’t even know I was related to. Always a fun time! The plan was to leave the house right around Annabel’s nap time and have her sleep the whole way there (about an hour and a half). Naturally, she must have been on to us because she didn’t sleep at all. So she went on no nap for the whole day. Awesome.

Actually, she was pretty good, and there were no major incidents.

She was happy just to watch all of the action around her…


…and play peek-a-boo between Nathan’s legs.


Of the seven original siblings, there are four still living. Of those four, my grandmother is the second oldest at 91.


Here she is talking to her oldest living sister.


Even though they all live within about 3 hours of each other, my grandma doesn’t see her siblings very often, so it’s nice when they get to chat in person.


And eat a little ice cream together on a warm Texas day. They were so cute up there, eating their ice cream and laughing. I wanted to get a candid shot of them, but once they noticed me, they stopped and smiled for the camera. Still super cute!


By the time we were ready to hit the road, Annabel was exhausted! She was asleep within about a couple of miles, so Nathan and I got to enjoy a peaceful ride home looking at this:




You’re a beauty, Texas!

We were excited for Sunday because we had two parties to attend. First, our neighbor’s little girl was celebrating her second birthday. The party was held at a gym where all of the kids got free access to the place and ran around like little maniacs. As a former gymnast, it made me so happy to see Annabel having so much fun there!



We found out that they have “open gym” on Friday mornings and that our neighbors are regulars for that.


So now we have a new summer activity and I think it’s safe to say we’re both pretty excited about that!


Immediately following the birthday party, we drove an hour south for a graduation party for one of Nathan’s coworkers. This time our plan worked, and Annabel slept the whole way. Ahhh.

It was a busy weekend, with lots of parties, lots of new people for Annabel to meet, and lots of driving! But it was also lots of fun.