Putting It Out There!

Ever since I decided to leave my job, I’ve been thinking about ways to supplement our family income. The most obvious thing to come to my mind is photography.


It’s scary. I feel very little confidence in my ability to learn everything I need to know to be a great photographer. I’m overwhelmed by the technical side of things, and I despise the thought of ever having to have awkward money conversations with people. Especially because at this point I still don’t really feel qualified to charge people for my services. I look at other photographer’s work and think there’s no way I could ever be that good. But this will likely never change, so….

But the thing is that I actually really enjoy it. I never want to do so much of it that I stop enjoying it, which is why I could never see it turning into a full-time gig, but I love the idea of a side gig. Something to get me out of the house every now and again, energize me, and keep me passionate about a hobby that I’ve grown to really love. Oh, and of course making some money on the side wouldn’t hurt anything either.

With that said, I’ve made it a point to put this out there. I’ve discovered in myself that I’m much more likely to commit to something and really follow through with it if I tell people. So that’s what I’ve been doing. When people ask what I’ll do when I leave my job, I answer first and foremost that I’ll be caring for our daughter. But then I also add that I’m hoping to get a little side business in photography up and running. So far the response has been good. When I sent out my farewell email at work, I immediately got five clients.

As I said, I’m very much still learning, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from my recent photo shoots.

Most of them are graduation/senior portraits for students who work in my office.












But then I also had a chance to take some engagement photos for some good friends of ours, which was lots of fun as well!




How cute are they?



That’s all for now. I have a wedding coming up in less than 3 weeks and I’m both excited and extremely nervous. Any sort of positive vibes that you could send my way would be much appreciated!