Rain Dance

The other night I told Annabel that we were going to go get the mail. I put on her pink sparkly shoes and threw on some flip-flops for myself. When I opened the front door, I immediately saw that it had begun to rain. Not a light mist that we could still walk through, but heavy enough that I didn’t want to trudge through it just to get the mail. Nor did I want to bother with carrying Annabel, an umbrella, and the mail. So I told her never mind. “We need to go back inside because it’s raining, Annabel.”

She ignored me. (As she often does. Selective hearing is real, y’all!)

And yet again I was reminded of the difference between adults and children. I saw nothing but rain…an inconvenience. A mess. An unnecessary reason to change clothes.

But Annabel?

She saw WATER!


Falling from the SKY, you guys!


How is that not exciting? And funny? And jump-worthy?


Well, if you’re Annabel then it is all of those things. So instead of forcing her inside, I went with it and let her play for a few minutes. And sent Nathan in for my camera because obviously.

It’s easy to forget how the smallest of things can be so fun when you’re a kid. Thankfully I have a little person living in my house who makes it her job to remind me on a regular basis.