20 Months

Annabel is 20 months old today. Before I had her, I loathed it when people told me how old their toddlers were in months. I still kind of do, but now I at least understand it. And I’m careful about how I respond to the “how old is she?” question depending on who is asking. A childless man making polite conversation? “She’s a little over a year and a half.” Another mom on the playground? “She’s 19 months; will be 20 months on the 5th.” I understand now that 20 months can be a huge difference from 18 months, even 19 months, so when speaking to other parents, I give her exact age.

All of that to say that in the past month, Annabel has once again changed a lot. There are several new words. A few more tantrums.


A lot more laughs.


Her little quirks crack us up every day, and every day we get a little bit more of a glimpse into the little girl that she’s becoming. This picture is all Annabel:


She still very much loves her baby, but has taken on a new interest in trucks and buses. When we’re driving and she sees any sort of large van/truck/bus, she yells out “bus!” Then she gets upset when she can no longer see it, so I try to make a game of it and tell her that we need to find another one. Anyway, I told Nathan that we needed to buy her a little toy bus, so one day he came home with some little toy trucks and vans. She loves them.

In this particular photo, she is stacking them into her baby’s lap, while of course wearing her signature mardi gras bead necklaces (part of a huge stack we got at a garage sale for $2) and ponytail holder bracelets. Those necklaces were probably the best $2 I’ve ever spent. To say that she loves them would be a complete understatement. But I can’t take any credit. Nathan saw the basket and insisted we buy them for her while I would have totally left them there. He knows what his little girl loves….and boy does she love them. Every last one of them. All at once.


In the past month, Annabel’s vocabulary has again exploded. She now puts two and three word phrases together pretty regularly and probably has around 80 words that she uses. She has always called us “mama” and “dada” but a couple of weeks ago, she started calling us “mommy” and “daddy.” This confused me for days because she doesn’t pronounce the second “m’s” in “mommy” so it was just sounding like she was saying “MY” over and over. I thought she was just becoming very possessive until I realize she was actually saying mommy. There are a few words like that. Ones that take me a few days to figure out. I finally realized that “dock” is not supposed to be “duck”, but instead “sock.” A lot of her words are really clear, but some still require some deciphering.

Several of her new words consist of colors. She can now identify and say almost all of her colors….blue, green, purple, yellow, red, and pink. She points them out and says the name of the color everywhere. On t-shirts, cars, books. Anytime she sees purple (or yellow or pink, etc), she is sure to let me know. So cool seeing her mind expand with new knowledge!

Her level of understanding continues to grow to the point that she sometimes replies back to us with appropriate responses. The other day Nathan told Annabel that she was “being naughty”, to which she replied, “No, Daddy. Nice.” She kills me.

She loves being outside, whether it’s to eat lunch,


mow the grass with daddy,


ride her new bike (another awesome garage sale find!),


play on the playground,


or just help water our garden.


Of course she still loves the water. When we went to Zilker Park recently, she caught a glimpse of Barton Springs and kept calling it a bath. She stared at the people swimming, and I had to stop her from stripping down. She wanted in so bad!


We have yet to get her in a big pool this year, but as the weather gets warmer, we are getting closer to when that will be a staple activity, and I’m really excited to watch her.

In addition to her constant bracelet


and necklace wearing, Annabel is also very into glasses. She likes to put on my old eyeglasses (as seen above) and now also really loves to wear her sunglasses.



I legitimately believe that she’ll be the one dressing and accessorizing me in just a few short years!


And it will probably be the best thing to ever happen to my wardrobe!

When it comes to food, Annabel continues to be a strange little eater. You just never know what she’ll eat and what she’ll refuse. That same trip to Zilker Park that I mentioned above? I bought her cup of soft-serve ice cream and after forcing several bites in her mouth, she still flat-out refused it. She is obviously not my child.

Except that she is.


Happy 20 months, ABK!