Parkin’ It

My dad was in town this weekend which meant that we gathered the troops and all hung out. This means my dad, sister, (brother-in-law was out of town), brother, nieces and nephews, even my mom who happens to be my dad’s ex-wife. I love that they are now friends.

Oh, and of course myself, Nathan, and Annabel!

Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous, we decided that a trip to the park was in order. We went to one in my brother’s neighborhood that I had never been to, and we absolutely loved it. My brother set up his slackline. Think tightrope except that it has, well….slack.


That might look like a simple task, but I assure that it’s not. Sitting on it was actually much harder for me than standing, and each attempt landed me on my face. I’m pretty sure my dad even captured one of my falls on video. But as challenging as it was, it was also a lot of fun!


That’s my older nephew Matthew attempting his walk across. My brother is the only skilled slackliner in the family, but he’s been at it for quite a while now. After a few tries and a few falls I decided that I must learn to master this art in the near future!


While the boys were mostly occupied with the slackline, the girls were busy becoming bff’s. Even though my sister and her kids live in Austin, we don’t see them nearly as much as we should. Annabel is so lucky to have cousins so close in age, and it was so fun watching her play with her oldest girl cousin, Lilly. They did lots of swinging together.


Lilly is almost exactly one year older than Annabel, so she definitely takes on the protective, maternal role, as evidenced here as she pushes her in the swing.



When Annabel could be pried away from the swings, they bounced on the bridge



and walked hand in hand.


They’re such cute little buddies!


Annabel also loved watching her youngest girl cousin Lydia,


as she sat perfectly contently in her car seat,


and eventually came out to play. While Lilly is almost exactly a year older than Annabel, Lydia is almost exactly one year younger than Annabel. The perfect cousin sandwich!


Even my younger nephew Michael found a friend at the park, and they did plenty of exploring together.


Such a cool park!


Since Annabel can be quite shy around people she doesn’t know well, my dad was working hard to win her favor. He discovered that playing peek-a-boo is always a sure thing.



After a few hours, we finally had to leave, and I was sad to go. Such a wonderful afternoon with such amazing weather and perfect company!


Luckily yesterday wasn’t our only park day this weekend. Today we met up again for lunch and then took the kids for a ride on the train at Zilker Park. I’ll have more pictures from that adventure later in the week!

What did you do this weekend? Are you enjoying some beautiful spring weather where you live?