19 Months.


That month just flew right on by. Every month I promise myself that I’ll have more posts between these monthly updates, and every month I’m sorely disappointed in myself. Again. So here’s to next month! And now for our update which is now several days late…

Last month had some really low lows with Annabel for two reasons:

1. A cold which turned into an ear infection.

2. Teething. Of the two year molar variety. No further explanation required.

The above incidences caused some major sleep disturbances last month, and there were moments when I literally didn’t think I could handle another night of being up all night with a screaming toddler. On one such occasion, I actually did sleep in the guest bedroom when Annabel took over our bed. It was miserable for everyone involved, and I feel like I deserve a t-shirt proclaiming that “I survived but barely!”

Anyway. Despite some really rough nights and early mornings, we all did survive and even managed to have some good times during Annabel’s nineteenth month.


I think the biggest difference from this time last month is the increase in vocabulary and comprehension. Annabel says dozens of words and understands pretty much everything we tell her. When we ask her a question, she replies appropriately with “yes” or “no”. She has started trying to string a few words together, but you can tell that she’s having to think hard about it. Her latest thing is to say, “Oh my, Mimi!” or “Oh my, Papaw!” But there’s always a long pause between “my” and the next word, like she’s concentrating so much.

Speaking of Mimi and Papaw (Nathan’s parents), I think it’s safe to say that Annabel is in love. She talks about them non-stop, sometimes immediately upon waking. When the phone rings she says “Mimi?” and she’s usually right. We’ve seen them a ton this past month since they’ve been helping with stuff around the house, and Annabel has loved every second!

Water activities continue to be a favorite, so last month we bought Annabel an outdoor water table to splash around in. It was a huge hit with my little water baby,




and before I knew it, she was climbing inside. Of course.

As you saw in our Easter post, she loves to be in water, whether it be the bathtub


or the swimming pool.


Babies are still a big deal around here. We even bring them along to the grocery store.


It’s always funny to me the things that Annabel will pat like a baby. Take Nathan’s UT garden gnome for example. This thing is not at all cuddly, but that didn’t stop her from snuggling it, rocking it, patting its back, and just generally treating it like a baby.



She also likes real babies.


We’ve started going to story time at the library on Fridays and last week all Annabel wanted to do was go over to another family and play with their baby.

She also enjoyed playing on the computer for a bit.


When we’re at home and I get on the computer, all she wants to do is sit in my lap, press the keys and steal the mouse from me. So I knew this kid computer at the library would be a hit.

In the last month, Annabel has really started to turn into a little girl. She has opinions on what she wears and loves to accessorize with shoes and jewelry and hats.


I’m pretty much the least fashionable woman on the planet, so I might be in trouble if she turns into a little fashionista. She loves music and dancing, with the Lumineers “Hey Ho” remaining as her favorite song. She’ll listen to that on repeat for as long as you let her, always asking for more the second it ends.

She loves shutting doors, but will quickly panic when she can’t get it back open and I’m on the other side.


Everything revolves around imitating me and Nathan. She loves pretending she’s driving when I let her into the front seat. (Don’t worry, we were parked!)



She walks around in our shoes and tries to put on my bra. She wants chapstick when I use it, deodorant when Nathan puts it on, and she loves to put on my glasses. When I cook, she wants to be in on the action, so sometimes I give her her own supplies and let her go to town.


Then, just like Mommy, she loves to sweep up the mess.


She loves to explore,


and swing on the big kid swing


and hold Mommy and Daddy’s hands.


We love to hold her hands too.

Happy 19 months, Annabel Kate! We love you so much!