Just Dance

Today we had some crazy strong wind all day long. In fact, it’s still going crazy outside as I type this. I took Annabel out for a walk, which in hindsight, was a little absurd. There were moments when I physically almost couldn’t push the stroller. That’s how strong the wind was. And a couple of times big clusters of leaves came flying at us and almost nailed Annabel in the face. Poor planning.

Late in the afternoon I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw this:


So I called Nathan right away to give him the update. Oh by the way, our fence fell over! He said he should be able to fix it when he got home. And since Annabel was anxious to get some outside time, we all went out together. Nathan did some drilling on different parts of the fence.



But when he got to the big section that had blown down, he quickly realized he wouldn’t be able to hold it up on his own to drill it because the wind was so fierce. So he laid it down for the time being. This is where Annabel comes in.


She didn’t see a torn down fence lying on the ground. She saw a dance floor.



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

When life blows down your fence, just dance on it!



When Nathan was finished with what he could do (and I was freezing!), I told her it was time to go inside. Instead of following my lead, she just began waving to me and saying “bye bye”. You can go ahead mom, but I’m staying right here!



She was pretty upset when I finally dragged her inside.

But it was fun for a while.


And just so you know, we have immediate plans to re-stain our fence. It’s been on the to-do list for quite some time, but we’re finally going to do it with this year’s tax refund! That and a few other fun projects I have planned:)