Naked Trees

I’ve long had a bit of a thing for trees. I love that they are so unique, no two being exactly alike. I love the many shapes they take and how they are so majestic and powerful looking. I know that during the winter, when all the leaves are gone, most people just see a “dead” tree. In fact, we were driving into our subdivision the other day when I pointed out a tree that I’ve been in love with for a couple of years. I told Nathan how I stare at it every time I drive past. His response? “It looks dead.”

But when I look at that tree, all I see is beauty. Even in the winter, when all the leaves are gone. In fact, even more so when all the leaves are gone.

I’m not trying to go all American Beauty, “that plastic bag is so beautiful floating through the wind”, on you here. But there’s just something about the lines of “naked” trees and seeing them pressed against a bright blue sky that catches my breath every single time.



I can’t get enough. And so with all of the trees around here basically looking like the ones above, I’ve found myself snapping tree pictures left and right.


And doing my best not to overload my Instagram stream with nothing but trees.


Because if Nathan is any indication, then it’s clear that most other people don’t see what I see when I look at these trees.


And what I see is nature’s breathtaking beauty in something that most people see as dead.