Surviving Winter

I hate cold weather. I think one of my earliest memories is being freezing on my nap mat in preschool. I’m cold when it’s 70 degrees and I keep a sweater at my desk on my person year round. I just bought a space heater for my office, and while I don’t think anyone thinks too much of it now since it’s winter, I imagine I’ll get some pretty funny looks when I’m blasting it in the middle of our 100 degree Texas summer. And I will be blasting it. One of the very few side effects of pregnancy that I actually enjoyed was feeling like a person with a normal body temperature for the first time in my life! I was hot when other people were hot, comfortable when others were, and could go into a movie theater without dressing like I was headed out on a hike in the Rockies in February.

So yeah.

Me? Not a fan of the cold. Never have been and never will be. I like to hibernate in the winter. But now that I have a kid, there’s just one problem with that. And here’s where I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Kids? They like to be outside. Doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, sleeting, humid, 30 degrees, 100 degrees. They just want to be outside. And truthfully, I’d really rather Annabel play outside than inside. Unfortunately that means that I have to be outside with her, and this is in direct opposition to my desire to huddle up inside during the winter month(s).

It’s been raining and cold lately (is there a worse combination of weather?!), so there hasn’t been a lot of outside time around here. But yesterday the sun came out, so I dragged my butt outside and took Annabel across the street to the school playground.


I put on a sweatshirt and scarf and was still freezing. But Annabel? Well, if she even noticed the frigid air, she didn’t show any signs of having a problem with it.


Nope, she was just thrilled to be outside!

And can we talk about that outfit for a minute before I get back to my weather dilemma? This is what 16 months looks like around here. She insisted on wearing those rain boots that I bought last week on account of all the rain and the understanding that, rain or shine, my girl needs some outside time. I thought they were too cute to pass up, but now I think she’s more obsessed than I am. Which is fine, but they aren’t very practical for the playground. But this is 16 months, and I’m just along for the ride and laughing all the way as she picks out rain boots and a bunny hat as her chosen playground attire.


Annabel had so much fun.


Remember that squeal/scream that I just told you about in the last post? Well this is what it looks like:


She pretty much did that the whole time, and I had to remind myself that we were in fact outside, and that if a kid is going to squeal, that’s the place to do it!


The temperature clearly did not phase her like it did me.


And now this is the part where I tell you that it was about 55 degrees outside. In some parts of the country that’s considered shorts weather, but for me it might as well literally be freezing. So my question is this:

How the heck do people entertain kids where there are real winters?! You know…snow, ice, temperatures that would give me goosebumps just hearing them. I think the Pacific Northwest is my dream place to live as far as scenery, culture, and general vibe. But then I realize that I could never live there because I couldn’t handle the constant cold, darkness, and rain/mist. And with a kid? Forget it!

How do you survive winters with or without kids?