Snapshot (16 Months)

It’s time for another snapshot into Annabel’s life! I know you’re pumped!

At 16 months, Annabel:

Has grown a lot more hair,

and can now wear it in a ponytail

or pigtails.

Is becoming quite the proficient spoon user.

Has developed an opinion on her footwear and seems to have a preference for her red shoes that squeak (courtesy of her Aunt Jane)

or her rain boots, weather be damned.

Is obsessed with mommy and daddy, and must know where each is at all times. When one is away, she will repeat their name over and over and point to their belongings and say their name. She sometimes gets very upset when one leaves the house, though it generally only lasts a minute.

Standing at the door after daddy left.

Has perfected her excited little girl squeal/scream, and regularly runs through the house screaming. And then she wonders why the cats are terrified of her! She also uses this scream when she’s upset and has learned how to throw one magnificent temper tantrum. I have no idea where she gets this, certainly not from me.

Points to her chest when you ask her where Annabel is.

Is still obsessed with everything “baby”. At school she sleeps with a baby,


and has been known to pat her friends’ backs at nap time.

Sent to me by her daycare.

Gets into everything,

and prefers high surfaces. She loves to sit on the island in the kitchen, crawl from the couch to the end table,


and sit atop the coffee table, preferably throwing something off of it.

*I allow this behavior under very close supervision as I know it’s a phase and just a part of her natural curiosity.*

Understands (and responds to) so much, including some very complex commands! Yesterday I told her to “take this to the trash can in your room” as we stood in the living room. Off she marched to her bedroom and threw away the piece of trash. I was so impressed!

Sometimes requests hats before we leave the house,


resulting in some funny looks in the grocery store,

as I shop with my little bunny.

Spotting daddy across the produce section!

Loves to read books (still),


but now gets frustrated (cupping her hands and whining) when she can’t lift the characters out of the book. Her favorite thing is to point out all of the cats, dogs, babies, and mommas in all of her books.

Has started wanting to drink out of a regular cup and does a pretty good job of it!

Love, love, loves animals! Cats, dogs, even baby goats at church on Christmas Eve.

Hates having her teeth brushed and sitting in her high chair.

Has developed a special bond with Nathan’s mom, and has no problem being babysat by both of his parents either at their house or ours.

Just cut her fourth canine tooth, bringing her grand total to SIXTEEN! According to the chart that my dentist gave me, she should be done teething until her two year molars come in. Hooray!

Has added several new words to her vocabulary, including: up, more, mama (said on repeat all day), help, potty, pee pee, no, apple, and dog.

Makes me smile and laugh every single day!