12 in ’12

I take a lot of pictures. If you read this blog even semi-regularly, you know this. I thought it would be fun to pick out 12 of my favorite photos that I took in 2012. When you’re choosing from hundreds upon hundreds of photos, this is quite a challenge. Luckily, a handful really stood out to me. Most if not all of these have appeared here before and all but two include Annabel. I really need to get out more.

Without further ado, here are 12 of my favorite pictures from 2012:


I love this picture because I waited so long to put that hat on Annabel. We bought it in Seattle on our “babymoon” and I couldn’t wait to see her in it, but it was huge! I tried it on her just before it got too hot last spring, and while it was still too big, I loved how cute she looked in it that day.


This picture screams “summer” to me. I love the colors and the sun pouring in, but mostly I just love how tiny that bathing suit is. I remember wondering how she fit in it even on the day she wore it.


I just love everything about this picture. It’s amazing in color with the bright blue sky, but something about the black and white is really great too.


This is one that I love because of the memories from that afternoon. I just remember how intrigued she was by these flowers, examining them, feeling them between her fingers, and trying to taste them. I couldn’t help but marvel how strange yet exciting it must be to see the world with completely new eyes, where every day and every experience is monumental.


The eyes. The teeth. The dimple. Need I say more?


This was the first time we took her to our neighborhood park. She got in a swing for the first time and crawled through this tunnel.


This remains one of my absolute favorite photos that I’ve ever taken of Annabel. I love how the blue in her outfit brings out the blue in her eyes. I love the perspective and I love the look on her face. To me, it’s perfection.


She was pretty pumped to be eating that popsicle and I loved how her face got covered in red berry stickiness!

*I just realized that I didn’t actually take this photo, and these are supposed to be favorites that I took, so I’m adding another to the bottom.


Another classic summer shot! This picture will always remind me how much she loved the water during her first summer. I’ll be curious to see if she loves it as much next summer or if she becomes afraid.


I really love this one because sometimes I find it impossible to capture her genuinely happy facial expressions. This is it, and I love it.


Over the past 12 months, Annabel and I have taken lots of walks. She gets fresh air and I get exercise and we both love it. However, in the last couple of months as the evenings got cooler, we started taking more strolls at dusk. During that time, I couldn’t count how many amazing sunsets we watched from this overlook just down the street from our house. It is during those moments, when I feel most at peace.


This photo captures pure joy as Annabel learned the pleasure of jumping on a bed and hiding under the sheets. I can still hear her squeals of laughter from that day!


Ok, I know that this just appeared in my last post, but the more I see it, the more I love it. I know you aren’t supposed to cut off people’s faces in pictures, but somehow, I think this works. And I freaking love her in that hat!

I’d love to hear which is your favorite of mine and if you’d like to share your own favorite from 2012, please link in the comment section!