One Part Past and One Part Future

The thing I love about New Year’s is that it’s a great time to reflect on the past, remember good times, and learn from mistakes. But it’s also a new beginning, which means a time to look forward, set resolutions goals, and hopefully make whatever changes or adjustments that need to be made in your life.

Last year at this time, I remember thinking that no year could ever surpass 2011 as it was the “year of Annabel.” But somehow, I think this year was even better. It got off to a rocky start, with me returning to work and feeling such immense sadness to be leaving my tiny baby.


But eventually we found our stride and somehow made it all work, cherishing our weekends like never before. We took Annabel on her first (and so far, only) vacation.


We walked to dinner in our neighborhood and pressed on with making all of Annabel’s baby food. I have to laugh at myself now for bragging so hard about what a good eater she was. My how times have changed! I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day and marveled at how ironic motherhood can sometimes be.  Annabel had her first trip to the park and her first time in a swing as we kicked off summer.


I continued to work full-time and continued to miss Annabel with a fierceness I didn’t know I possessed. We talked, rearranged, reevaluated our priorities and made a big change, bringing me home part-time. I loved my new, additional time with Annabel immediately and we’ve continued to have so much fun together. How very grateful I am for a supportive husband and flexible job that allowed that to happen.

Annabel started taking her first steps in July and by her 11 month birthday, she was full-on walking! And then, before we knew it, Annabel turned one and I realized for the hundredth time just how quickly these moments pass.

It was a good year, but there were of course bumps in the road. Annabel was/is sick a lot and I found myself frequently feeling guilt for constantly exposing her to illness at that germ hole her daycare. But then there were days when I realized that daycare isn’t always such a bad thing and felt really lucky to have it when I needed it. And then there was the realization that having a child generally means flying by the seat of your pants because your “plans” go right out the window. That’s been a tough pill to swallow, but whenever I start to feel down about it, inevitably something magical happens and I can’t help but feel that all of the extra effort and lost sleep is totally worth it.


So yeah. 2012 was a pretty great year, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store. I generally suck at New Year’s resolutions so I just never used to set any. But then, three years ago, I did. And that resolution (which was to start a blog) is still going strong. So this year, I am setting more goals for myself and I’m putting them all out there for you to see. Maybe that will help me stick with them, so that next year when I write this post I will be able to celebrate my accomplishments rather than re-read this with dread. In 2013, I will do my best to:

1. Not drink any soda, except for extremely special occasions. I really don’t drink it often as it is because we don’t keep it in the house (usually), but I’m terrible when we go out to eat. Granted, that is also pretty rare compared to most people since we always pack our lunches and never go out to dinner during the week. BUT, I’d like to just cut it out altogether, so I’m hoping this is my year!

2. Significantly reduce my time spent on Facebook and not get on at all in front of Annabel. Or more broadly, I don’t want to spend time on my electronic devices while Annabel is awake. We already have a rule that the TV stays off while she is awake, so this is really just an extension of that. I should be paying attention to her, not Instagram and Facebook. I will accomplish this by disconnecting from FB on my iPod touch (and iPhone when I get it this week!) and only checking in when she is napping or in bed at night.

3. Improve my blog. I’d like to finally purchase the domain, redo the format/layout and add some more tabs. This is one that you will definitely know whether or not I accomplish!

4. Learn more about my camera and photography in general. Nathan got one of those books for “dummy’s” about my camera, so I plan to read that to familiarize myself more with all of the features.

5. Create and maintain an exercise regimen. Currently, the only exercise I get is on my walks with Annabel. Lots of people wouldn’t even consider this “real” exercise and I want to do more.

6. Take a trip, hopefully more than one, and at least one outside of Texas.


From my family to yours, Happy New Year!