Almost a Decade

Last week I was sitting on the bus on the way home from work when I realized that the anniversary of my and Nathan’s first date was coming up. I quickly tallied in my head and had a momentary freak out when I realized that it was about to be EIGHT years since that date. For some reason, eight years struck me as a really long time and in that moment I felt really old and simultaneously way too young to have already been together eight years.

I texted him and suggested that we take Annabel out to the restaurant where we had that first date to eat some appetizers and watch the sunset. You see, we had our first date at the Oasis, which is pretty well know around these parts for its epic sunset views. And like I said, we’ve been having some amazing sunsets!

Nathan agreed to my plan, so….we had a plan. Unfortunately the weather had other plans, and on Sunday, our anniversary, the sun didn’t even bother to show its face all day. But since Nathan and I both had Monday off, we decided to go then instead as I still really wanted to see another sunset out there.

It was the trip that almost wasn’t though, and in the interest of keeping things real, I must admit that we bickered before we left and almost didn’t go because I’d had a horrible weekend and was just feeling really down in the dumps. I gave Nathan hell for not being able to read my mind and then felt guilty and stupid and like we shouldn’t even bother. But he insisted and got Annabel ready to go and I finally snapped out of my mood just in time to get out the door.

Annabel was excited as we walked up to the restaurant,


and we arrived just in time to order and then watch the sunset.


As you can see, it was splendid.


It was freezing out there, but we were only outside long enough to snap a few photos.



The rest of the time was spent inside, enjoying the view. Annabel thought she was pretty hot stuff drinking her milk out of a big girl cup with a straw, and she had fun playing with Daddy at the table.


She even got to see some Christmas lights, which have been her latest obsession!

Merry Christmas Y’all


We hit some traffic on the way home and Annabel was not pleased, but even still I was glad that we ended up going. I really needed to get out of the house and the combination of a beautiful sunset, taking pictures, and watching Annabel have a new experience was just what I needed!