What We’ve Been Up To: Photo Edition

As if every edition isn’t “photo edition.” Ha.

Most of my photography these days is happening in the form of Instagram, so I figured it was time for a little update, IG style. For those of you who follow me on IG, I apologize in advance because you will have seen most if not all of these photos already. Sorry.

Fall finally started making its appearance in the ATX a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get enough of the colorful leaves everywhere.

The trees in our backyard finally turned colors too.

We’ve also had some gorgeous sunsets in the past couple of weeks and every time I see one of these amazing, cotton-candy sunsets, I’m reminded yet again that dusk is my absolute favorite time of the day.

I only wish it lasted longer. But then again, maybe if it did, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.

With the gorgeous weather, we’ve had lots of dates at the playground,

where even a piece of trash can be a treasure to toddler eyes.

We’ve had lots of morning strolls and evening strolls and strolls in jammies with a blanket and sunglasses.

We’ve had silly faces,

and some practice using a spoon.

We’ve had grocery shopping and grocery unloading and tiny feet climbing into the refrigerator when our backs were turned to grab more groceries.

I had a Blue Moon with lunch one day, sitting outside with coworkers/friends and enjoying the beautiful day. Have I ever told you that dining outside is one of my favorite things in life? It is.

We cheered on our Texas Longhorns where I experimented with a panoramic shot

and cheered on my brother as he performed back flips off of a tree in the park. He’s the stupid adventurous one in the family!

It’s been a busy few weeks and also the best kind of slow, laid back, and relaxed few weeks. I love being able to capture the ins and outs of our days so that I can always remember this time, these days.

The days when Annabel laughed at the cat through the door,

and searched for him under the bed.

I always want to remember the days when she could spend a good 20 minutes digging through the cabinet under my sink, pulling everything out and sorting it into different locations and finding my old glasses and laughing as I put them on her.

And the days when she patted her babies’ backs, covering them with a blanket and rocking them in her rocking chair.

And the days before expensive toys when she thought placing grandma’s hair curlers into measuring cups was endlessly entertaining.

And the days when a cell phone was just a toy with an illuminated screen and fun buttons to press and not a gaming device or texting machine or heart-breaker.

And the day that she literally became a toddler before my very eyes, climbing up to the top of the step stool and laughing with pride.

Yep, “these are the days we will remember….”