How Skinny Jeans Are Transforming My Life

I love flats and pretty much wear them all the time. This is mainly because I value comfort over fashion. I know, what kind of woman am I? But you know what I don’t love about wearing flats? Not being able to see them under boot-cut jeans!

But now there is a solution: skinny jeans!

What’s that? You’ve heard of them?! You’ve been wearing them for five years?

Oh, right. I’m always behind on the trends. In fact I’m always so behind with anything fashion related that I purposely avoided skinny jeans for the longest time because I felt completely unworthy of wearing anything trendy. I’m not cool. I’m not hip. I don’t have the 4-1-1. (Bonus points if you get the reference!) So I felt a little bit like an imposter trying to be cool by buying skinny jeans.

Well no more!

I bought my first pair, and now there’s no going back. I’m in love. Who knew a pair of jeans could make a person so happy? But look!

Now you can see my cute red shoes!

Or my brown ones:

Or black or grey. Did I mention I love flats?

Or I can get totally crazy and wear the new boots I bought over my jeans like all the cool girls are doing!

There’s a whole new world of possibilities! The world is Skinny jeans are my oyster, you guys.

So tell me….what was your most recent exciting fashion purchase? Or what have you been embarrassingly behind the times on?