Just Another Monthly Update

Today is November 5 which means that Annabel is another month older. That’s 14 down, if you’re keeping track!

So, after I published yesterday’s post about what a picky eater Annabel is, she proceeded to eat chicken (!) and rice (!) for dinner. Loved it in fact. I even fed her leftovers for lunch today and she loved it again, even with the addition of peas. I think she’s having a growth spurt or something though because literally ALL day yesterday she was signing the “eat” sign and trying to climb into her highchair. That and I also think she just likes to keep me guessing and prove me wrong.

Anyway, moving on to our update!

The last month has probably been my favorite ever in terms of pictures. I’ve had so much fun photographing Annabel this month and have gotten so many shots that I will adore forever. {I’ll sprinkle some in throughout this post, so as not to bore you too much} So much of her personality is continuing to come out each day. In some ways, she’s a totally different kid than last month. Here are some things from the last month that I don’t want to forget:

  • She no longer screams when I change her diaper. This just might be my favorite new development! It’s like it suddenly just clicked and now she understands that I’m helping her out. At night, after her bath, I can also tell her to lay down so that I can put her diaper on and she does it. It’s more of a falling backward sort of thing, but it’s cute (and clever) nonetheless.

  • Speaking of baths, she is no longer digging them. This is bizarre to me as bath time used to be her favorite time of day. Now when I ask if she wants to take a bath, she shakes her head no and when she does take one, it’s only a matter of minutes before she’s trying to claw her way out. We were giving them to her every night just as part of a routine, but if she doesn’t need or want that part of the routine, I’m fine with dropping down to twice a week or so…unless she actually gets dirty that is.

Cheering for Daddy as he mows the grass!

  • She now says “hi” and “bye bye” when she waves. This is purely adorable. The other day she walked up to the computer chair where I was sitting and when I looked down at her, she looked up, waved and said “HI!”

  • She has around 10 words that she says, though most people wouldn’t be able to recognize all of them. But Nathan and I know what she’s saying, so that’s what matters. She says mama, dada, night night, hi, bye, baby, cat, dog, book, home, and maybe a couple others that I can’t think of now.
  • She sings. Yep, you read that right. She has totally started singing to herself. Though the “songs” are not at all identifiable, I know for sure that that is what she’s doing and it’s music to my ears.

  • Still loves books, so we read them every chance we get. She can pick out several by name when I tell her to go get them and points to things on the pages while saying ” ‘sat?”Β  Which means “what’s that?”

  • She loves to play outside and now asks to go outside multiple times a day. She points to the door and asks “outside?” Only it sounds nothing like “outside” and everything like “ass.” Or more like “ahss.” Hilarious!

  • She’s learning how to point to body parts and can currently point to her hair, nose, ears and belly on demand. She also loves to point to my nose and pat my hair.

  • Oh and she loves getting a ride on her car.

But hates it when you stop pushing her!

All things considered, the last month was pretty good. Easier than last month since she hasn’t been teething, though there were still those tough moments where she is beginning to test boundaries. I don’t suppose those will ever disappear completely. And in a way, I think that’s for the best. Because everyday she challenges me. She challenges me to be more patient, more laid back, more spontaneous, more organized, more creative, a better cook, and more present for the everyday little things that are really the big things that make this life beautiful. Everyday she challenges me to be a better person. A better mother. And while I’m not always up for the challenge, I take it on and I’m hopeful that I’m making progress.

Looking forward to what the next month brings….

A fantastic eater? An amazing sleeper? Haha, a girl can dream!