Fall Festivities

I was really looking forward to taking Annabel to a pumpkin patch this year so that I could get some adorable pictures of her….well, sitting in a patch of pumpkins. But it was not to be. The pumpkin patch that we went to near our house was pathetic. Only a few pumpkins and not much else. And of course Annabel wanted nothing to do with those pumpkins; she just wanted to run wild through the parking lot. I only got a couple of halfway decent shots.

It was freezing outside (well, in the 50’s, which might as well be freezing to me!), so the whole outing was mostly unsuccessful. We did let Annabel walk down by the lake to see the ducks, which she was initially intrigued with

and then quickly terrified of.

We snapped a few pictures down by the water,

and then decided to try a plant nursery nearby to attempt more pumpkin pictures. They definitely had more pumpkins, but Annabel still wasn’t feeling it.

(Yes, I did a little wardrobe change on Annabel)

She wanted to run all around the place, but wouldn’t sit down next to the pumpkins.

At least she got to wear her cute hat again though right?

It fits much better now, though it’s still a little on the big side.

That night Annabel’s school was having their Fall Festival, so we decided to take her for a little bit even though it was starting right around her bedtime. She was a little sleepy when we first got there and only wanted to be in my arms, but after a little while she really got in to everything and ended up having a blast.

We rode a train,

and played some games inside.

Annabel got a glow necklace,

and danced to some music.

Her favorite part though had to be the bubble machine!

She absolutely loved it and we absolutely loved watching her reaction. By the time we were ready to head out, she was having so much fun that she put up quite the fight. We literally had to drag her through the parking lot. All in all, a great night with our favorite little monkey.

And that brings us to tonight: Halloween. Annabel has been sick for the last several days, so it was very low key around here. Nathan carved some pumpkins,

and we took Annabel trick or treating at a grand total of three houses.

She was pretty confused, a little sleepy, and just generally uninterested in the whole thing, which is to be expected at this age. Next year I anticipate she’ll be much more into the whole thing and we’ll probably have to drag her inside. Until then, here’s one last picture with my little monkey.

And that my friends has been the Fall Festivities in our house this year! Next up: Thanksgiving….and I can’t wait!