Go Jen!!

One of my best friends Jen is running her first ever (and last, as she says) marathon this weekend! I’m not a runner, but from what I hear, having people cheer for you along the way is really important. Unfortunately Jen’s marathon is taking place in D.C. so I can’t physically be there to cheer her on. So in place of that, Annabel and I decided to take some pictures last weekend in support of our favorite runner!

Annabel wasn’t being super cooperative. I wanted her to clap, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She briefly waved, but not while looking at the camera.

She really just wanted to play with my signs,

so I was forced to ditch her and do my own thing.

I decided I would cheer for Jen by myself.

These photos immediately reminded me of this photo,

which has to be one of my favorite photos ever taken of me and Jen because it brings back such great memories. This was back in 2004 when we traveled Europe together. We visited the Olympic stadium in Barcelona and Jen had the idea to have our picture taken as we pretended to cheer for a fake team. Never mind that the place was deserted. I thought we’d just casually throw our arms in the arm, but Jen went all out! She started screaming and jumping up and down and I started laughing hysterically.

If I were in D.C. this weekend, I’d make a complete fool out of myself to cheer for you like that on the sidelines, Jen. But since I won’t be there, hopefully this image will get you through those last few miles when you’re hating life.

Good luck and YOU CAN DO IT!!!