Gettin’ All Crafty Up in Here!

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, I’m working on remaking our back patio space into a more Annabel-friendly area. I wanted a cute bin to store some of her toys out there, so a while back, I picked up an unfinished wood crate that I planned to stain and then finish with a weather-proof sealant. Nathan pointed out that with no lid on said crate, it would be easy for spiders and bugs and other creatures to make it home, so we decided it should be an inside toy bin. Then I remembered that I had some leftover paint from Annabel’s nursery and suddenly I had a new project!

I got to work on painting it, which took much longer than I thought it would. That seems to be the story of my life. Everything takes at least twice as long as I imagine it will: cooking, cleaning, random projects, getting out the door with Annabel, etc.


I’m pretty happy with the end product and think it’s a nice addition to Annabel’s room.

It’s certainly not the best paint job you will ever see (especially when you look closely!), but I love that it incorporates the theme of the room and also adds some additional storage for the ridiculous number of toys, books and stuffed animals that are taking over our house.

Annabel seems to like it too, which is just icing on the cake.

Or maybe,

she just likes

having a new box to climb in and out of. You be the judge.


Moving on. Nathan and I always have lists all over the house. Every weekend we write out the things that we want to accomplish that weekend so that both of us can see each others’ stuff and plan accordingly. However, this results in lots of wasted paper and redundancy. So I wanted a dry erase board for the kitchen, but we don’t have space for anything huge and I really don’t like the look of dry erase boards. Then I saw an idea for a handmade dry erase calendar using a picture frame and went with it!

I bought a picture frame at a garage sale for $2 then went to the grocery store and got a piece of white poster board. I cut the poster board to the appropriate size and then wrote what I wanted to be on there permanently. Then I just put the poster board behind the glass in the frame and voila! A cute and functional dry erase board. You write on top of the glass withe a dry erase marker, and it erases just like with a regular dry erase board.

Notes on one side, lists on the other.

I love it!

And those are my craft projects for the year.