Always Sick

I’m beginning to despise daycare. Or the “germ hole” as I commonly refer to it. I knew that putting Annabel into daycare would result in more illness, but I really didn’t ever expect it to be this bad. Within her first couple weeks of being there, she got sick, and it hasn’t slowed down since.

I had really hoped and believed that when I cut down to part-time, it would be better. After all, she’d only be there 2.5 days a week. How could she possibly be sick as often with such a decrease in exposure? Right? Wrong! I’m just so sick of all of it. And I’m pretty sure it’s no party for her either.

Since May she has had three ear infections, two bouts with pink eye, a nasal infection (sinus infection in adults) and a runny nose that will not go away. Today we got an email saying that one of the kids in her class went home with pink eye. And I noticed that one of her eyes is looking slightly pink. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to wake up in the morning to find her with another case of it. Have you ever had to put drops into a baby’s eyes? It’s probably the worst form of emotional torture for the parents and physical torture for the baby. You have to physically pin the baby down while peeling back their eyelids and dropping the liquid in as said baby screams bloody murder. Pure hell…..twice a day for seven days.

When I picked her up today I was also informed that a different kid had strep throat over the weekend. So that could be just around the corner too. Yay! A new disease! One that we haven’t tried yet!

And I’m so tired of people telling me that this is “good” for her; that it’s just building her immunity. I’m sorry, but NO! There are other ways to build your immune system. How can being sick all the time be good for a person?! How can taking antibiotics every single month be good for a person? {Hello antibiotic resistance!}  How can feeling crappy, not being able to sleep because you can’t breathe through your nose, losing rest and stressing your body out be good for a person? I’m wholly unconvinced that it is and like I said, really tired of getting that response from people. I’m sure they’re just trying to make me feel better about the fact that Annabel is always sick, but it doesn’t help.

I just hate the whole situation so much and there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s probably the worst part. I feel like I’ve done absolutely everything I can to keep her healthy and yet here she is, sick all the time. I hate seeing her like that and I just want to make it better. How can I make it better, internet? Please tell me!

Here she is playing in her bathtub on the office floor when she was home with pink eye last time (she’d already had a dose of drops). She looks pretty happy here….

But don’t be fooled! Most of the day was spent more like this….

Why am I always sick, Mom?!