I Finally Get It

The week before last sucked. It was a combination of things. First off I had to work for at least part of every day on Monday through Saturday. I know, boo-hoo, right? But it’s amazing how quickly I’ve gotten used to only working 2.5 days a week which makes working a full week not fun at all! We had mandatory staff updates and training, so our entire office, including everyone from all of our satellite offices, had to be there.

The nice thing about these updates/meetings is that they feed us lunch and snacks all week. Wait, did I say that was a good thing? Because it wasn’t. It meant that I ate crap all week. I know that I could have just brought my own lunch and snacks, but there’s just something about free food that gets me every time. I wonder if that will ever go away or if I’ll always be in that broke college kid mindset when it comes to taking advantage of free stuff in general and food specifically? Anyway, I’m realizing more and more that bad/unhealthy food makes me feel bad/unhealthy so I usually try to avoid it. But again with the free food thing. And for me it’s always worse when it’s junk. When it comes to free food or eating out, I can never make good, healthy choices. I think it’s because it feels like a treat so I indulge. Snack bag of mini Oreos? I’ll take three! You know, since I never have Oreos at home. I’m pretty sure I drank like three Dr. Peppers last week too. They were free you guys! I couldn’t let them go to waste!

So those two things combined were coming together to make for a bad week. Then on top of that, because I was working everyday, I wasn’t able to get out for our normal walks/runs on Monday, Friday or Saturday (had to work that morning). Then by Sunday we had so much stuff to get done and I was so exhausted that I didn’t make it out then either.

Ever since I started working part-time we’ve gone out on walks every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I enjoy it and I figure since I’ve eaten my weight in ice cream this summer (my big exception to healthy eating) I need the exercise! But what I didn’t realize was how much it was helping me in other areas. At least I didn’t realize it until I had to go without. I know the heavy workload and bad eating were a big part of why I was feeling so drained, but once I was able to get back out on a walk I realized that those walks have also helped with my sanity and energy level. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who has to run everyday or they feel like crap, but I’m starting to see how it happens. Which is really weird because I used to not be able to understand that at all. “Wait, you want to exercise?!”

So this is progress, people! I love that I’m finally to a point where I enjoy getting exercise. I enjoy pushing my body and sweating and feeling like I accomplished something when I get home.

I finally get it.

And it really helps to have a walking/running partner!