Date Day

A couple of Fridays ago we did something that I used to give other people a hard time about doing in the past. Something that I said I’d never do and that used to annoy me when I worked at a daycare.

We dropped Annabel off on a day when we both had off from work.

We figured that since we’ve still been paying for full-time care even though she’s only there part-time, we’d take advantage of the free well earned childcare and spend an adults-only day together. Unlike the people who used to annoy me at the daycare where I worked, we didn’t drop her off at the crack of dawn. We kept her home for the morning so that she and I could go for our usual morning walk and then took her in at 10am.

Then we headed straight for the movie theater for a matinee showing of the new Batman movie. I’ve never been to the movies that early, but it was the only time that would work at the location we wanted. We saw the movie at Alamo Drafthouse so that we could have appetizers and drinks with it. And yes, we both drank a beer at around 11am. But we did have chips and queso with it, so that somehow made it feel less weird. And truthfully, when you’ve been up since 6am, 11:00 feels like lunchtime!

After the movie, we ran by the house to change into our swimsuits, and then we were off to pick up some lunch to eat poolside.

By the time we got out there and ate lunch, we only had about an hour before we wanted to get Annabel, but it was an hour well spent…..relaxing, chatting, reading,

and enjoying the afternoon.

It was a good day. We rarely ever get any time to ourselves, so this was an especially nice treat and we still got to pick Annabel up a little early to enjoy some extended Friday evening family time. A perfect start to the weekend!