I can’t get over how much Annabel loves the pool and water in general. Loves it! She is obsessed with the pool and her favorite time of day is bath time. She literally cries every night when we take her out of the bathtub.

I love that she’s our little fish and I can’t wait to get her in swim lessons as soon as possible. We took her up to her grandparents’ pool again last weekend, and once again, she had a blast!

She has no fear of the water at all and will let us dunk her underwater and even kicks her legs when we put her in a swimming position….

In the bathtub she leans forward, touching her mouth to the water and then jerks her head up laughing. I’m so impressed that she doesn’t put her whole face in and never breathes in through her nose or mouth when she does this.

But by far her favorite water activity is being thrown in the air by daddy.

She can’t get enough.

And neither can I.

I frequently think about how much I’d love to move out of Texas. Nathan says that if we were to move, his first choice would be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I love the culture up there and the scenery, but I couldn’t handle not having a real summer to speak of.

No pool days? No thank you!

I think Annabel would agree…..