Lessons From My Daughter

Well Annabel is full-on walking everywhere now! It’s crazy to me how much she can “advance” a skill like walking in one short week. As I was riding the bus to work last week, I was chatting with my friend and telling her about Annabel’s new trick. I guess I was smiling a lot because she asked me “so is this your favorite milestone so far?”

I told her that while it was definitely exciting, it was also bittersweet. A part of me feels like walking is the nail in the coffin of babyhood, so it’s a little sad to watch Annabel reach this milestone. But I told her that more than anything it’s just been amazing to witness a person learn a skill like walking.

Babies have a lot to teach us about the human spirit if we can just stop to pay attention.

I told her how neat it was to watch Annabel with such determination as she would stand up, walk a few steps,


inevitably fall down,

get back up,

and carry on,

each time knowing she would fall again.

And each time getting right back up, ready to take the fall if it got her that much closer to her goal. That’s not to say she doesn’t get frustrated and let out a little cry sometimes upon that fall. She does. But so far it hasn’t stopped her.

This is true of all babies of course, not just Annabel. She’s special, but not because of that.

I wish that that determination hadn’t left me. I wish thatย  I would keep trying over and over again, even when I fail, believing that if I just keep on, I too can succeed. Next time I want to give up, I’ll think about Annabel. I may teach her a lot of things as she grows up, but she’s teaching me a thing or two as well. Lessons that I’ve obviously forgotten…