Blueberry Banana Bread

Sorry I’m a little late with this week’s recipe. I got caught up in Annabel turning 11 months and walking!

Anyway. This week’s recipe is from Emily over at Daily Garnish. She posted about a strawberry banana bread the other day that sounded really good. I immediately wanted to run out and buy strawberries to make it, but then something at the bottom of the post caught my eye. A link to another of her posts about blueberry banana bread using greek yogurt. Instantly I was sold. I’ve really been wanting to bake a bread since I’ve never done it before and I still have a ton of blueberries in my freezer from all of the times they’ve gone on sale this summer and I’ve stocked up. So it was an easy decision.

My friend Jen noticed and commented to me the other day that she and I are really different when it comes to recipes. She follows them exactly whereas I tend to use them as a base, eliminating or adding things as I please. She’d read that that said something about the type of person you are, which I believe. I guess I’m a rebel. However, with this recipe, I followed it precisely! I thought about switching to whole wheat flour or all brown sugar or adding flax to make it healthier, but in the end decided to keep it just as it was.

I mixed all of the ingredients exactly as Emily said to,

added my blueberries,

and stuck it in the oven for about an hour.

It came out looking beautiful and smelling so delicious!

I could hardly wait to cut into it! But I waited just long enough for it to cool a little bit but still be warm enough for the butter to melt immediately. Fresh out of the oven it was so good!

It was still so warm that when I cut into it, the blueberries kind of exploded. When I cut a new piece after it had cooled, it looked very different. It tasted a little bit different too–not nearly as good I might add!

How’s that for some fancy food staging? I realized in setting this up that I had zero in the way of a proper bread picture set-up. No pretty wooden cutting board, no pretty oven mitt to set out like I had just pulled the loaf of bread from the oven, nothing! I guess I still need help being a proper girl.

Moving on.

I thought the bread was pretty good. It’s definitely one that you want to re-heat and slather butter on each time because it’s just not the same once it’s cold. I also don’t know if I’m crazy about the blueberry and banana combination. I think I’d prefer either banana bread or blueberry bread, but not together. BUT, I’m really happy to have finally baked a bread and I like the “base” of this bread. The yogurt made it pretty moist and doughy, so in the future I might try it again but with different mix-ins. As far as simplicity goes though, I’d say it was a breeze.

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