11 Months

Annabel is 11 months old today! It’s hard to believe that in one short month she’ll be a year. I’ve never been good about doing monthly updates, but I really enjoyed putting together her 9 month update and I appreciate reading it back even more. So for your reading pleasure posterity’s sake, I decided to do another update, this time by the numbers.

3– The number of steps she took by herself at daycare on her 10 month birthday.

52– The number of steps she took by herself on her 11 month birthday. Ok, I didn’t really count, but suffice to say she took a lot! That’s right, our girl is now able to walk across the room, unassisted! When I’m in the room, she’d much rather hold my hand and walk laps around the house together, but she absolutely has the ability to walk completely independently when she wants to!

8– This is how many teeth Annabel currently has! I think there might be more cropping up soon but it’s really hard to tell because she hates having anyone look in her mouth. But there are definitely 8 visible at the moment. Four on top and four on bottom.

1– The number of words she says. “Ball” is the only identifiable word that she uses in context. She says “dada” but doesn’t always associate it with Nathan and the “word” that she used to use for cat seems to have disappeared from her memory.

10– The number of words that I know for certain that she understands. Ball, bath, clap, kisses, wave, eat, more, milk, cat, up. I’m sure she knows a lot more than this (and more I’m not thinking of), but these are words that I know she understands based on her reaction. She just learned “bath” recently and now when I tell her that we’re going to take a bath, she leads me into the bathroom.

3– Size of her diapers. She wore size 2 diapers for the longest time, but has now finally graduated to size 3!

1-The number of times she’s waking up in the middle of the night these days. Sometime during month 9 she started waking up earlier and earlier which progressed to a middle of the night waking which she’s been doing pretty consistently for over a month now. Some nights she’ll sleep through the night, but those nights seem to be becoming more and more infrequent. We are making major progress on putting her down for naps (still 2 a day lasting 1-1.5 hours) and bed though, which has been nice. I now usually put her down sleepy but awake and let her put herself to sleep. Sometimes this means five minutes of light fussing and others it’s 20 minutes of on and off fussing/crying. But she’s no longer getting hysterical about it, so I’ve stuck with it and she’s doing so much better. Now if I could just figure out why she has started waking in the middle of the night! I think it started due to illness and bad teething pain and has turned into just a bad habit, so we might have to go with some tough love in the next couple of weeks.

Lots– The “number” of new foods she’s eaten in the past two months! We managed to go her entire “babyhood” without eating any jarred baby food and now she’s eating a lot more of what we eat. Her eating preferences are changing as I can definitely see where she has favorites now and foods she doesn’t really like anymore. She has certainly developed more of a dislike for green veggies as she has begun eating more different foods. She loves oatmeal for breakfast, but most days eats pureed berries with yogurt. That’s easier for daycare. For lunch she usually has a veggie mixed with quinoa or rice. She typically has a banana or applesauce as an afternoon snack along with cheerios and raisins throughout the day. For dinner she eats a little bit of what we’re eating along with some veggies, cottage cheese, or whatever we have on hand.

5 or 6The number of times she nurses/bottle feeds throughout the day and night. I’ve almost reached my goal of breastfeeding for a year! I’m proud of all the hard work it’s taken, proud of myself for sticking with it, and proud of Annabel for so easily going between nursing and bottle-feeding (at daycare). She is definitely starting to wean herself from the bottles. She used to drink 3 bottles at school with about 5 ounces, but now only drinks 2 and usually doesn’t finish the full 5 ounces. It’s crazy to me that she’ll get to a year without ever having bottles more than 5.5 ounces! I used to nanny for a baby who was drinking 8 ounces at each sitting by the time he was 4 months!

15– Approximate number of minutes she will remain happy in the car before she starts to get antsy and want to get out. Car rides longer than 20 minutes can be…fun. And by that, I of course really mean miserable for everyone involved.

A lot has changed in two months! The one thing that remains constant is that everything changes and just when you think you have something figured out, Annabel will switch it up to keep you on your toes. Some days I feel like I’m dealing with a 2 year old instead of an 11 month old because she’s already started with the tantrums! Most of the time I have to remind myself not to laugh because that’s how dramatic she can be. Don’t know where she got that…. πŸ˜‰

She hasn’t gotten to the stage of really wanting to be independent with everything. She still usually wants help with eating and walking for example.

Her favorite activities these days includes playing with one of her many balls,

pulling things out of cabinets, going to the pool, knocking over blocks,

bath time, going for walks,

dancing to music on her mini iPod that she carries around the house, terrorizing the cat,

and just generally exploring her surroundings.

Happy 11 months, sweet girl!