Come Again Another Day

We’ve had a pretty mild summer compared to last summer when we were breaking records left and right for hottest and driest days, weeks, and months. What a welcome relief! Last summer we got almost no rain, but this year, we’ve had several big storms.

On Sunday night I was cooking dinner (for my weekly recipe) when it started pouring down rain. This was the heaviest rain I had seen in a long time. Nathan took Annabel out to see the rain and a few minutes later I could hear her squealing and laughing her little head off. So what’s a mom to do, but run out with the camera?

It turns out Nathan was holding her out under the rain to let her feel it and she thought it was the greatest thing ever!

Flapping her arms and squealing in delight….

I see lots of rainy day fun in our future, complete with rain boots and puddle stomping!

After the rain slowed down, we also got the most beautiful rainbow right in front of the house.

There’s nothing like a good storm in the summer in Texas!