Red, White and Blueberry Pie

I’ve been having an itch to bake, so for July 4th, I decided to try my hand at a pie, completely from scratch. I know that apple pies are traditionally “American”, but blueberries are in season (and therefore on sale) and it’s not often that I get to eat blueberry pie. So the decision was made.

I’ve made pies before, but that only consisted of buying a pre-made crust, a can of filling, dumping filling into said crust and throwing it in the oven. This time I wanted to use fresh berries and make my own crust.

I couldn’t really find a recipe that I liked, so I blended this one with this one, using about 5 cups of blueberries, corn starch instead of flour with a little bit of cinnamon and butter.

I was nervous about the crust, but it was actually pretty easy. I used the Betty Crocker recipe for the crust. I made it the night before and left it in the refrigerator over night to chill. The next morning, I mixed my blueberries with the sugar, corn starch,  and cinnamon then poured them into the crust.

I added about four pats of butter scattered on the blueberries, then placed the second crust on top.

Then I baked it for about 50 minutes and removed. My blueberry juice was starting to ooze out everywhere!

When I cut into it, it was exactly as I feared it would be: blueberry soup! I ended up spooning some of the juice out and refrigerating it to help everything set.

Once I did that, it was delicious!

And if I’m being 100% honest with you, I must confess that it was gone in two days, primarily eaten by me.

I’d count this one as a success. It really was pretty simple and not very labor intensive.

Learning to Cook: Recipe a Week # 1