Our First Week

Last week was my first week working part-time. It wasn’t really indicative of my new schedule since we had the holiday on Wednesday. Only working on Tuesday and Thursday was awesome! I could totally get used to that, but I’ll have to have another half day in there to get my 20 hours a week.

Monday Annabel and I went for an early morning walk. My goal is to do this every Monday and Friday morning, so that I can get a little bit of exercise in where there is currently none (aside from all of the bouncing around I do to get Annabel to sleep every night, but that’s a totally different post!). After our walk, we came home and played and did stuff around the house until after Annabel’s morning nap. Then we had a popsicle in the backyard, which Annabel loved.

It was a fun first day!

Tuesday was work, Wednesday was the 4th, Thursday was work, and that brings us to Friday.

Nathan took the day off so that we could go to Zilker Park with some friends. We let Annabel swing for a little bit first.

Then we watched the swimmers at Barton Springs while we waited for the train.

Finally it was time to board the train.

We made the guys share a seat so that Nathan could get some action shots on the train. I think they secretly liked it.

Annabel had fun waving at everyone in sight as we made our way through the park.

She got restless sitting there a couple of times, so we just passed her back and forth.

It had been such a long time since I had been to Zilker Park that I’d forgotten how much I love it and how pretty it is.

In no time our ride was over and we were back at the station.

Our original plan was to take Annabel to swim at Barton Springs after that, but she had missed her morning nap, so we decided we should skip it this time and come back on another day. Instead we found a shady picnic table and stopped for lunch.

I can’t wait to take her back, especially during the fall when the weather is nicer and we can play on the playground for a long time, picnic in the grass, share an ice cream cone, and feed the ducks.

Annabel slept on the way home, but when she woke up, we headed to the neighborhood pool so that we could get our water fix in anyway. She is such a water baby and I couldn’t be happier about it! I’m looking forward to lots of summer days by the pool in our future.

After the pool, we headed home and to the backyard for yet another popsicle.

After all of that adventure, Annabel crashed hard that night….

A perfect day to cap off a great first week with my (almost) new schedule!