Perfect Shot

We went out into the backyard and sat down near the fence. True to baby form, she spotted a hole in the fence (they notice everything!) and zipped on over.

She had to touch it!

I went over to the fence and started snapping pictures above her head, not even looking through the viewfinder. Just clicking away and hoping for the best. I had no idea if I was in focus or if I was cutting her head off or what. But somehow it worked and I got lucky.

What I ended up with are some of my favorite pictures of her that I’ve ever taken.

They actually started off looking like this:

But I rotated them. I think they look good either way though. Even like this:

The thing about photography for me is that I spend a lot of time over-thinking it. Always trying to get the perfect shot. But usually, the ones I like the best are the ones that happen purely by accident.

And completely by luck.

Does that ever happen to you? Which rotation is your favorite?