My Vice

I have a confession to make.

I have a serious addiction to ice cream. I’ve always loved ice cream, but this summer, it’s gotten out of control.

It started with this:

(For those of you not from Texas, you may not be familiar with Blue Bell ice cream. All you need to know is that it’s the best ice cream in the world. That’s a fact.)

I kept hearing about this flavor, and since I love red velvet cake, I knew I had to try it. After all, it combines two loves. It was pretty good, but not out of this world amazing. I give it a B+.

Then one day I had to stop by the pharmacy and they had pints of Blue Bell on sale 3 for $5. I took it as a sign. Destiny, if you will, that I happened to be in the store on the exact day that they were selling my favorite summer treat. The purchase of the Red Velvet Cake flavor had unknowingly hurtled me toward a new goal: try all of the flavors that I’ve never tried. I decided I needed to expand my ice cream palate beyond cookies and cream.

So I bought 3 pints: Southern Blackberry Cobbler, Butter Crunch, and Pralines and Cream. The best of the bunch was definitely Butter Crunch. Vanilla ice cream with pieces of Butterfinger candy bar.

Then a couple weeks later I was at work, sitting in the break room and chatting with a few people. One of the students who works in our office said something about ice cream, and we proceeded to discuss the merits of ice cream for a good 20 minutes. She told me her favorites and I shared mine. One of her favorites?

Vanilla ice cream with swirls of hot fudge and miniature peanut butter cups. She told me I had to try it. So what’s a girl to do? I felt I couldn’t let her down.

That conversation led to the obvious solution to our problem. (Our problem of course being our addiction to ice cream). No not rehab, but an Ice Cream Social at work. We instructed everyone to bring a pint of their favorite flavor and set a date.

I ate so much ice cream that day that I felt sick. But it did allow me to try yet another new flavor: Dessert Trio. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies, brownies and something else. VERY delicious.

And that brings us to today. The latest in my quest. Nathan had spotted Key Lime Pie last time at the store and pronounced that it would be our next purchase. I told him we’d see about it. I was pretty skeptical because we all know Key Lime Pie doesn’t have chocolate and I usually like ice cream with some form of chocolate in it. But I conceded and decided to humor him with his lowly selection.

Oh Em Gee, you guys!! It is so delicious. Quite possibly my favorite of the bunch. If ice cream can be refreshing, then this one is! It’s the perfect summer ice cream and now I’m eating my words. Nathan was right.

So while watermelon and popsicles are still definite summer staples, I felt my previous post about summer snacks was not complete without discussing my other summer year-round love.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? And if you reply with something like, “eh, I don’t really like ice cream,” I will seriously begin to question your humanity.