Summer Snacks

There’s nothing better on a hot Texas summer day than ice cold watermelon or a popsicle, so we decided to introduce both to Annabel over the last couple of weekends. Last weekend we took another trip up to Nathan’s parents’ house to take Annabel to the pool, but this time we took a container of fresh, cold watermelon and let her go to town on the back patio.

She was a little unsure at first, but quickly got the hang of it.

Check out my veiny hand! Ew.

I love watching her try new things! I especially love seeing her love the things that I love so much too.

Like cold watermelon on a hot, summer day.

Get in my belleh!

Another summer favorite is popsicles! Since I already make her baby food, I decided it would be really easy to make some homemade popsicles at the same time. I just bought a bunch of berries (I used frozen since they were cheaper), stewed them in a teaspoon of sugar to bring out the natural sweetness (you could use more or none), and then threw it all in the food processor.

Once they were chopped up enough, I added water,Β  poured them in my popsicle containers and stuck them in the freezer.

Next step? Serve to baby.

You probably want to do this outside, on a towel. You definitely want to strip baby down to his/her diaper, and you definitely want to take your camera to catch the action.

I’m not sure about this!

Just like with the watermelon, it took some getting used to. But then in no time, she was chowing down!

And of course, making a mess.

For me?

She refused to hold it herself (she’s clever, that girl), so one of us had to help her out with it.

Perfect for a summer day + easy and cheap + happy baby = success!