Solids: Part 2

Annabel has tried lots of new foods since the last time we checked in! I’ve been so impressed with what a great little eater she is. So far the only thing that she has outright refused has been oatmeal. And I’m thinking that might have had more to do with the temperature than anything else. She pretty much eats everything either straight-out-of-the-refrigerator-cold or room temperature. But the oatmeal had just been cooked so it was a little on the warm side. We’ll try it again soon to see how she does.

For the time being, I’m still making all of her baby food. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little time consuming and that it would be easier just to buy it. But for the most part I enjoy doing it and I feel it’s better for her, so I keep it up for now. I usually devote a Sunday afternoon to it every few weeks and try to get the majority done while Annabel is napping.

If only cooking adult food were as easy as cooking baby food, I’d be in great shape! As I said, it can be time consuming, but as far as simplicity goes, it doesn’t get much easier than making baby food. I check this website before trying anything new to be sure that Annabel is old enough for it and always introduce one food at a time to watch for allergies.

We started off with vegetables: green beans, sweet potato, acorn squash, butternut squash, avocado, peas, lima beans. We’ve slowly added in fruits: apples,

pears, peaches, blueberries,

Blueberries and pears….

mangoes, and bananas.

I know that most people start babies on things like rice cereal, but I held off on that and went straight for the veggies. But now that Annabel has established a great vegetable and fruit eating routine, I figured it was time to add in some grains. I tried oatmeal first, and as I said, she was NOT a fan. Even with apples mixed in, which she loves.

So I decided to try some brown rice. You can make your own brown rice “cereal” just by grinding up brown rice in a food processor and cooking as normal. I add a little bit more water than the directions call for so that it’s a little smoother.

It’s pretty bland on it’s own, but perfect for adding to vegetables.

I even sprinkled in some ground up flaxseeds to add a little bit of healthy fat. Annabel loved it!

Introducing solids has definitely been an adventure! Baby food is taking over our freezer,

but it’s so fun to watch Annabel try new things for the first time and become part of our dinner routine with us. We now all eat together in the kitchen (an improvement over me and Nathan eating in front of the TV), so Annabel gets to be a part of everything. Now at 8.5 months, she is eating 3 “meals” a day: two fruit cubes in the morning, two veggies in the afternoon, and two veggies + rice for dinner, followed by more fruit for dessert.

Like I said, if only cooking for myself and Nathan were this simple….